Non-Player Character


Human male
3rd level Thief; Master Forger

Bento is an Istur native who owns a small shop near The Valley where he hires out his services as a scribe. The shop is pleasant and clean, with Bento´s living quarters above and back rooms where his assistants help with the overflow of business.

Unknown to most of the populace, Bento directs forgery assignments for the Organization. Only a handful of the Organization´s forgers work for Bento, and these include Nikita of Strand´s Shadows.

Just past the crest of middle age, Bento is about 5´7" and sleight of build, with thinning, dark hair, brown eyes, and a dark complexion. He is invaluable to the Organization because his keen eyesight and facility with numerous languages make him an excellent judge of credible forgeries. Bento began his career as a forger himself, but the slow advance of arthritis has made it impossible for him to continue this talent with any regularity. Bento is still quite adept at reproducing a wide variety of papers and seals, which he does with the flair and enthusiasm of a true artist.

Bento is cheerful and talkative, and draws many legitimate customers into his shop with his pleasant personality and courteous service. He is also quite willing to read letters to customers for a very small fee. Any depression Bento might feel as a result of his debility he keeps to himself. At times he avoids his customers when he does not feel up to providing pleasant company.

Bento´s doting wife Penelopa passed away a few years ago, much to the regret of those who remember her motherly fussing and her tendency to hand out drinks and home-made pastries to the customers and even to passers-by. Bento´s daughter Regina married into the wealthy merchant house of Abram and Serina Corvelli. Much to Bento´s regret, his son Taddeo joined the Hurvan army several years ago, and does not write as often as his father would like.