Non-Player Character

Alric Primrose

Human male
6th Thief

STR 15, DEX 17, CON 11, INT 14, WIS 9, CHA 15

AC 3, hp 35, MV 14, MR 0

AL CN, Age 26, Height 6', Weight 170 lbs

Appearance: tanned and well groomed, black hair, no beard (although he grows a mustache from time to time), dark eyes, and a flair for over dressing.
His body is sturdy, with well toned muscles but not overly so.


Short sword (or Cutlass), Dagger, Short bow. Also proficient in 2-weapon style specialization.

Non-Weapons Proficiencies

Shipwright, Looting, Disguise, Signaling, Tracking, Information Gathering, Observation, R/W

Spell casting


Special abilities

PP:35% OL:45% F/RT:45% MS:40% HS:45% HN:25% CW:75% RL:20% Backstab:+4 to hit x2 to damage.


Soft low boots, belt, 2 small belt pouches, thieves pick and lock tools, 2 oil flasks, tinder box, 40' silk rope, waterskin.

Magical Items

Cloak of protection +1

Notes and History

The son of a shipwright how turned powerful trader in Palk. Being the youngest he and wanting to make his own way, he's been trying to start a new branch of the family business by setting up trade over-land trade routes. Using his good looks and charms he has stolen a few hearts and successfully procurred contracts with Molly of Bloomsbury and Antag of Rhule.