Credits & Disclaimers

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I'm slowly putting together a list of credits, though I doubt it will ever be 100% complete or accurate, as I've been accumulating bits and pieces that went into this site for years prior to even thinking that my campaign would be published for public consumption. If you were the original author of any of the material that I borrowed off of the web, please email me so that I can give credit & provide a link to the material.

The use of AD&D and titles/parts of their publications is without permission and is not for profit and should not be considered a challenge to their trademarks. I've tried to keep references just that - so that they are of little to no value without the actual book in front of you.

In many ways, I feel like I'm only a project manager. I've been blessed with so many highly creative and energetic player's over the years that sometimes I spend more time editing their creative output and guiding them in their thoughts so that their work has continuity with all that has come before than I do with pursuing the creative ideas that I have myself.

The inspiration for the Kingdom of Hurva came from a ten-page module in the 1987 publication, Adventure Pack I. The actual campaign background was only about two pages worth. From there I took the bare-bones of the kingdom: names of the baronies, a handful of NPCs, the names of the five non-evil major dieties - the information in the General Overview is just about the entire extent of the background that was given. Some parts of the overview has since been altered to fit with the direction I have developed the campaign.

Some of the things I've done include: increased the geography by a factor of ten, detailed cities that were only names, re-worked the politics and institutions, fleshed out the pantheon and added scores of NPCs.

The minor dieties were derived from the material presented in the Complete Priest's Handbook.

The idea for the corrupt city of Istur came from several sources. A Dungeon magazine #23 module, 'Old Sea-Dog', gave me the idea for Shifty Nicco (who resembles the NPC in that adventure in name alone). Other ideas for parts of Istur and The Organization come from the Thieve's World, Myth and the Necroscope book series and quite a long list of gangster and mafia movies.

The strange ways of the clerics of Torodin are in part inspired by the Lynn Flewelling novels, 'Luck In The Shadows' and 'Stalking Darkness'.

If you haven't guessed it yet, the clerics of Azkal owe much to the Klingons of Star Trek, especially ow they were portrayed in the Next Generation & Deep Space 9 series.

Rhavin and the paladins of Estereal are, in part, modeled after characters from The Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon.

The portraits of Nikita, Jvennika, Lady Whitefall, Wajen and Soltana are taken from the handiwork of Jonathon Bowser. Follow the banner to see more of his work.

Jonathan Bowser's banner

The lists of craft, knowledge and profession skills are based on the great work of Jerry Davis. In turn, some of his work, particularly that of post-renaissance period skills such as those involving firearms, were drawn from the work of James Wyatt and his Aquela game world. The Kingdom of Hurva has modified and added to their work.

The following are from the Net Book of Feats,#009
Armed Deflect Arrows is COPYRIGHT 2001, Carl Cramér, Eric D. Harry.
Dexterous Dodge
feat is COPYRIGHT 2001, Carl Cramér.
Missle Proof feat is COPYRIGHT 2000, Michael J. Kletch.
Pull Blow feat is COPYRIGHT 2001, Sigfried Trent

More to come....always.