Embassy Row

As you gaze down the boulevard you see unfurled banners waving proudly in the wind from each of these structures. Here we give a small grant of land to those who have signed treaties with our realm.

Would you like to have your ambassador speak with our foreign minister?

The following realms have established diplomatic relations, including an exchange of embassies, with the Kingdom of Hurva. The Kingdom of Hurva encourages its citizens to favor these places whenever they go abroad.

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The Hurvan people welcome an exchange of embassies (along with the rights and privileges of flying a banner) under the following conditions.

  1. Yours is a realm of fantasy RPGs,
  2. Your realm is not commercial,
  3. There is at least some original content,
  4. Your banner is 35k or less and is reasonably sized,
  5. And the Hurvan people would not be offended by what they see in your land.

If this is to your satisfaction, please connect our front door, http://www.hurva.org to our banner.

Kingdom of Hurva glyph

We prefer that you would store our banner locally, so, feel free to take it and fly it proudly. We will try to notify you should our heraldry change.

(Please use the following specifics for our banners - ALIGN=ABSMIDDLE WIDTH="468" HEIGHT="60" BORDER="1" ALT="Kingdom of Hurva glyph")

After you have our banner and link in place, please contact our foreign minister at, webmaster@hurva.org

Send the URL for your entry page and your banner's URL (or your banner as a gif or jpg). Please let us know if we can download your banner and store it within our walls (which is our preference) or if you would prefer that we access from your server.

We pledge to raise your banner in an expeditious manner.

If you wish, we may exchange text only links, but let it be known that the Hurvan peoples' first choice when it comes to an exchange of ambassadorial links with other fantasy worlds is that of a banner link.

Webmaster's note: These links were last thoroughly checked and updated on August 2, 2001. Please report any bad links or offer suggestions for other D&D worlds for us to establish diplomatic relations with through a banner link exchange to our foreign minister.