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Reaper Miniatures:

These are described as 25mm "heroic scale" -- a bit larger than the traditional 25mm scale, but the size difference does not entirely prohibit using both together unless you are doing a Battlesystem scenario. In our opinion, these are the nicest fantasy miniatures available. Incredible detail, and a nice variety of personalities. Not as many monsters as Ral Partha. Their web site is excellent, and the company very reliable.

Ral Partha:

One of the originals for fantasy miniatures, Ral Partha still offers a nice selection of 25mm figures. The quality of miniatures varies greatly, with their newer models being far superior to the old. Offers a nice selection of monsters, and quality paints in plastic bottles (which we´ve found keep better than the glass jars). We have found them reliable, but have not placed an order since their acquisition by FASA. I loved their Ravenloft line of figs, but since they've lost their contract with WotC AD&D line you won't be able to get these from them anymore - you'll have to get lucky & find them in a store's remaining stock.

Hovels Ltd:

Offers excellent historical buildings in both 15mm and 25mm scale. These are usable for fantasy campaigns -- I especially like the North/Central European and English ranges. The buildings are made of molded resin -- I´ve gotten one breakage in shipping, but it glued together so seamlessly that the break is not visible. Hovel´s American distributor is Wargames, Box 278, Route 40 East,k Triadelphia, WV 26059-0278. Phone # 304-547-0000. Write or call for a catalog, and specify the range/s and scale you are interested in.

Redoubt Miniatures

These folks don´t offer a web site, but you can find photos of their miniatures in some of the Miniature Wargaming magazines. These are historical miniatures, but many of the ranges such as Three Musketeers, Pirates, English Civil War, and Renaissance have both people and accessories that are usable for fantasy campaigns. The miniatures are very good to excellent in quality -- their weak point tends to be details of the faces, and the bases, which are often too small for the miniatures to stand without attaching an additional base. The low prices, usually $1.60 each for individual personalities, makes them well worth a look. Redoubt´s American distributor is Miniature Service Center, 1525 Bridge St # 163, Yuba City CA 95993. Phone # 530-673-5169.

Flagship Games:

Offers 25mm ships in molded resin. I've looked everywhere for 25mm ships, and these are the only ones I´ve found that are affordable. The prices range from $25.00 to $65.00, depending on the size of the ship. They are sturdy, easy to put together, and offer enough detail to make them look good without making them extremely difficult to paint. The company is a very small operation in California and just getting their feet under them, so they are not as quick or quite as reliable when it comes to shipping their products. I have had some problems, but was able to sort them out via email -- they were quite helpful and cooperative. I had to wait a while for the shipments, but it was worth it.

The Foundry:
For more info:

They have an excellent selection of pirates, and in general a nice selection of 25mm figures from various historical ranges. I found the quality ranging from pretty good to excellent -- their specialty packs are far superior to their standard rank and file miniatures. They only sell their miniatures in packs -- generally about 8 miniatures to a pack, with the packs costing about $12.00 a piece. They ship from England, so add about $3.00 per pack for postage. You can look at some of the miniatures on the web page, but the best bet is to request a catalog.

Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures:
656 E. McMillian, Cincinnati OH 45206-1991

I´ve only received one order so far from this company, but I am wild about these miniatures. They have an excellent variety of medieval people, including foot and mounted knights, peasants, townsfolk and heralds and they have an extensive collection of incredibly detailed figures, both mounted and foot, from the legendary King Arthur section. They also have jousting pavilions that are very nicely carved and allow for the painter to choose most of the detail - shields, designs, etc, instead of having the heraldry already carved. I had one piece - one of the resin pavilions -- arrive damaged. I´ll let you know how their return policy is. They delivered the order very quickly. Most sets (such as 2-3 people or a knight mounted & on foot are $7.95 each including postage. Sales tax applies only to Ohio residents. You can not order on-line, but the pictures on the web site are very good. All miniatures are 25mm.

Lance & Laser Models, Inc.:
PO BOX 14491 Columbus, OH 43214-0491
FAX # (614) 294-5424

Lance & Laser offers a wide variety of excellent 25mm figures, including miscellaneous fantasy and figures by Sandra Garrity. We ordered some of the Pendragon Line -- they have a nice selection of very well carved lords and ladies in various poses, as well as monks, clerics and others. The web site is definitely worth checking out. You can send them $1.00 for a catalog, but the printed pictures are not as good as the ones on the web. Prices are very reasonable -- an individual figure is generally about $2.25 and a lord & lady sets are about $4.25. Postage is minimal. You can´t order online, but there is a printable order form on the web site. We faxed them an order in early December and had the stuff in our hands within two weeks.

Woodland Scenics:

Offers trees and terrain primarily for model railroads, but much of it is usable for any miniatures. If you´re looking at trees, 2-3" seems about right for the 25-28mm scale.


OK, they say it´s for Battletech, but this company makes good, quality resin terrain, building pieces and bridges that are good for fantasy RPGs.


They sell historical flags and banners for figs. Be sure to check out the Medieval Flags section.

Crusader 29:
1180 Horizon Drive Suite G Fairfield, CA 94533

This company carries an excellent variety of buildings and accessories. I have ordered some of the gothic city pieces (such as the chaos temple) and Medieval village pieces (such as the blacksmith shop). These are good quality buildings made of a heavy plastic. The detail is not as well done as Hovels, but it´s very nice and not terribly difficult to paint. Assembly is required for each building, and roofs are generally not included. The buildings seem very durable, and should be quite useful for gaming with 25mm figures. In addition to various buildings, temples, castles, and so forth, Crusader offers separate accessories such as walls, pillars, wells, and siege equipment. Check it out -- you won´t be disappointed.


This web site offers miniatures from a wide variety of companies. So far the only order I have placed was from Frontline Wargaming. From The Three Musketeers line, I purchased the church interior set, the marketplace set, the tavern set and the boudoir set. I was very pleased with all of them. Things such as church pews, full length mirrors and fireplaces extremely difficult to find. These appeared to be cast from a light-weight resin. They werenąt quite as high quality as some of the best metal miniatures, but they were quite good and very affordable. I had one piece arrive damaged, but the folks at RLBPS were quite helpful about replacing it. The only down side to the site is that it offers few pictures of their products. Hopefully they will add this eventually. In the mean time, I definitely recommend checking out this site.

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