Campaign Chronology

Being a very busy individual, I don't have time to construct adventures from scratch. The following is for busy DMs like myself who have read the journals on this site and wanted to find an adventure that was used. Note that many of these adventures were heavily modified from their published form.

Adventure TitleMain Antagonist or Creature/NPC EncounteredWhere?# of Sessions
°Night of FearDopplegangerDungeon #281
°The Vineyard ValesLizard Men, WizardDungeon #233
°ManticoreManticoreBook of Lairs II1
°Old Sea DogShifty Nicco/Red FrancisDungeon #233
°BetrayedGiant, OrcsDragon #1053
°Terror in Skytumble TorRakshashaAdventure Pack I2
°Feast of GoblynsWolfweres, Vampire, ClericModule15
Blood and LaurelsFighterAdventure Pack I5
SalamanderSalamanderBook of Lairs II1
The Lauros Road BanditsOrcs + ShamansAdventure Pack I2
Headless HorsemanPocket domain lordDarklords-
Touch of DeathMummies, Desert ZombiesModule6
Merchant (Dorvin)Baby Green Dragon, of Lairs II3
Chadranther´s BaneWizard, Bugs/Household pestsDungeon #185
Bane of the ShadowbornIntelligent Sword, SpiritsDungeon #312
Night of the Walking Dead IChicken Bone, Shambling Mound, FrogsModule1
The Price of RevengeVampiresDungeon #421
*Deception PassOgre Magi, Bronze DragonDungeon #233
*The Dark MinstrelBard SpiritBook of Crypts1
*Night of the Walking Dead IIZombie Lord, MadmanModule4
*Adam´s WrathMad Doctor, Insanity, GolemsModule6
*Troubles in IsturWerewolf, Law, Mob, ChurchHome Brew2.5
*SteaksCook, Guards, MobAdventure Pack I.5
*TrialDragonsclaw, Dougal Wentworth, Archbishop KalrosHome Brew1
*Travel To Tonn / Huzza's Goblin o' WarMountain Giant, GoblinsDungeon #631
*+TonnMemla, Shardea, Ekeré, Fr. Wayfinder, Duke RelinorHome Brew3
*+Smouldering ManeFire Elemental, WemicsDungeon #471
*+In Pursuit of the SlayerPossession, SkeletonsDungeon #152
*+ The Gates of Firestorm PeakDuergar, Insidious Horrors, AlienistModule17
*+ Ship of Horror Ghosts, Curses Module 14

° Campaign account found in Temmer's Journal

* Campaign account found in Nikita's Journal

+ Campaign account is recorded in Ester Send Letter

Campaign account is recorded in Jven's Letters