House Rules, Appendix 1

Source Abbreviation Guide

1e = 1st edition

2e = 2nd edition

3e = 3rd edition

BoEM = The Book of Eldritch Might

BoHM = The Book of Hallowed Might

Conv = 2e --> 3e Conversion Manual

CR I = Core Rulebook I = 3e Player's Handbook

CR II = Core Rulebook II = 3e Dungeon Master's Guide

CR III = Core Rulebook III = 3e Monster Manual

DotF = Defenders of the Faith (Class Guidebook)

DMG = Dungeon Master's Guide (3e unless otherwise noted)

House = House rule. Either written by the good peoples of Hurva or by those of another campaign world and acknowledged on our Credits page.

MotP = Manual of the Planes

MotW = Masters of the WIld (Class Guidebook)

MF or MoF = Magic of Faerûn

NBoF = Net Book of Feats

OA = Oriental Adventures

PH = Player´s Handbook (3e unless otherwise noted)

PO: = Player's Option series

PsiH = Psionics Handbook

RL = 3e Ravenloft Campaign Setting

R&R = Relics & Rituals

SM or S&M = Spells & Magic (2e Player's Option book)

SP or S&P = Skills & Powers (2e Player's Option book)

S&F = Sword & Fist (Class Guidebook)

SS = Savage Species

S&S = Song & Silence (Class Guidebook)

T&B = Tome & Blood (Class Guidebook)

ToM = Tome of Magic (2e book; 3eToM is the 3e translation of this material)

UA = Unearthed Arcana