House Rules, Appendix 2

Bardic Spellsongs Gone Wrong

Re-roll any results that are impossible or inappropriate due to circumstances.

Spellsong wild surges with a duration are effected by dispel magic.

'Target' may have been a point in space for an area effect spellsong.

A willing target (who was willingly failing a save vs the intended spellsong) does not get a save vs a wild surge, even if one is listed. Note, allies in the area of effect of an intended spellsong count as willing targets. The caster is always considered to be a willing target.

An unwilling target always will get a chance to save against a wild surge if they want. Unless otherwise noted, the DC = that of the intended spellsong (10 + intended spellsong level + caster's Cha mod). The type of save is determined by the wild surge effect.

Some surges effect both the caster and the target. It is possible for the target to make its save and for the caster to still be effected.

All variable effects are based on the bard's caster level and the level of the intended spellsong.

The effect listed replaces the intended spellsong unless otherwise noted.

Roll Effect
Spellsong fails.
Target and Caster switch locations. spellsong functions normally.
Spellsong is cast "for free" (spellsong isn't lost, material components are retained).
Random spellsong from caster's repertoire affects target.
Spellsong appears to fail, but is cast successfully and takes effect 1d4 rounds later.
Instrument used to cast spellsong turns into a greased piglet and flees from the caster for d8 rounds.
Caster's clothing and equipment levitate upwards 20' per round to a max height of d6 x 10 feet into the air. This most likely takes the bard with his possessions. spellsong functions normally. After 10 minutes the caster falls
Spellsong Save DC increased by +5.
Target's hair acquires color and scent rolled by DM: 1) green /pine, 2) bright red /roses, 3) blue /blueberries, 4) purple /lavender, 5) bright yellow/hollyhocks, 6) white/fresh bread. Requires dispel magic or break enchantment to reverse.
Loud symphonic music (think 1812 Overture) emanates in 30 foot area centered around target. Conversation is impossible. Concentration check DC 20 required to cast any spells or spellsongs. Lasts for duration of the intended spellsong.
For 1d8 hours, bubbles emerge whenever caster opens his mouth. Caster is unable to make any speak normally, though each bubble contains one syllable or sound. Food tastes soapy.
Target drops what they are holding and sings "I'm a Little Teapot" for 2 rounds. If during combat, target is Delayed to the end of the initiative order.
Caster is incapable of lying for 2d6 days. Spellsong functions normally.
Caster becomes enamored of target. Reroll if target is same sex or incompatible species. Requires dispel magic/break enchantment to reverse.
Target becomes enamored of caster (Will save = DC of intended Spellsong). Reroll if target is same sex or incompatible species. Requires dispel magic/break enchantment to reverse.
Caster uses an additional 2d2 spell slots from memory immediately, but this energy is channeled into the spellsong. All the numerical effects of the spellsong are double.
Spellsong functions normally. Everyone within range of intended spellsong glows brightly for 1d12 hours.
Caster smells like a skunk for d4 days. -10 to charisma.
Random ability of both caster & target increase by d4 for # of rounds = Caster Level.
Target increases in size by 10% per caster level. For every +20%, target receives +1 enhancement bonus to Strength. Duration is 1 minute / caster level.
Caster decreases in size by 10% per caster level (maximum 90%). For every +10%, target receives +1 enhancement penalty to Strength. Duration is 1 minute / caster level.
All arcane spells cast within 100' of the bard for the next day have a 1 in 20 chance of causing a wild surge.
A variety of nuts drop from the sky, pelting everyone within a 30' radius of target for 1d4 HP damage. Nuts are permanent and may be eaten afterwards.
Caster's voice doubles in volume. Doubles range of all spellsongs and bardic effects, but makes quiet conversation impossible. Lasts 1 hour per level.
Caster vomits slugs for d10 rounds. No speech or verbal spellsongs. Concentration check DC 20 to cast other spellsongs. Movement is halved. -4 to AC and Attack rolls. Can only make a partial action each round.
Caster teleports to random unoccupied location within 20 feet at the beginning of each round for a # of rounds equal to caster level.
Target makes a Will save (DC = intended spellsong's DC) or for 1d4 hours the target must make Will Save DC 20 to take any action without first requesting and receiving the caster's permission. Speech is not affected. Effect cancelled if caster leaves target or is otherwise unavailable to target.
Poppies spring up within 100 feet of the caster. All within range including caster must make Fort Save DC 20 or fall asleep for # of rounds = to caster level. Sleep can be dispelled by magic or freshly falling snow.
Target becomes enraged and must physically attack caster for a # of rounds equal to the intended spellsong's duration. Will Save DC 20 negates.
Target polymorphs into a cow for 2d4 rounds. (Fort Save = DC intended spellsong)
Spellsong duration is doubled.
Spellsong area of effect is doubled.
The caster's thoughts become audible to all within normal speaking distance for 1d4 hours. Spellsong functions normally.
Spellsong functions normally. Caster's feet are rooted to the spot where the caster is standing for a # of rounds equal to caster level.
Ice covers the ground beneath casters feet, covering an area with a radius of 5 feet per caster level. Movement and Balance affected accordingly. (Movement halved, Balance Check (DC 15) or fall prone, can move normal speed but suffer an additional -5 to Balance check and have to make such a check for each move-equivelant action)
The caster becomes obsessed and distraught over some trivial child-hood trauma which he feels compelled to relate to anyone within hearing distance repeatedly for a # of days equal to caster level.
Caster gains +d4 to charisma for # of days = to caster level.
Target's skin turns blue. Charisma -4. Dispel Magic or Break Enchantment to reverse.
Target or area of intended spellsong is covered in oatmeal three feet deep. Movement in the area is halved.
Spellsong functions normally. For a # of days = to caster level, ominous music plays whenever the caster speaks. -4 to charisma modifier when the caster is speaking.
Spellsong functions normally. Everyone within 10 feet of the caster must make a Will Save or be incapable of speaking the truth for # of days equal to caster level.
Caster is compelled to follow a random individual within range of the intended spellsong for a # of hours equal to the caster level. Caster will stay as close to the individual as possible. Caster will become depressed and weep uncontrollably if separated.
Caster's age is halved for 1 day per caster level.
Target becomes terrified of caster and flees caster for 2d6 rounds.
Caster becomes infested with fleas and itches uncontrollably. -2 to AC and Dex. Concentration Check (DC 20) to cast spellsongs. Lasts until dispelled or caster bathes.
Spellsong functions normally. A loud clap of thunder accompanies every spellsong cast by the caster for a # of days equal to caster level.
Caster becomes convinced that the target is his mother for a # of hours equal to intended spellsong's level.
Caster's face is blackened by small explosion.
Target is healed d4 Hit Points per caster level.
Target is compelled to repeat every word spoken or sung by caster for # of hours equal to intended spellsong's level.
Target affected by Invisibility for 10 minutes per caster level.
Caster levitates 5 feet into the air and remains there for duration of intended spellsong.
All mundane items within 30 feet of the caster that are worn or broken are repaired as good as new.
Caster is affected by Mirror Image. (1d4 + 1 image/caster level; Duration 1 minute/ caster level; Image AC=10+Dex mod)
All doors, windows, chests and receptacles within 100 feet of the caster fly open. (Any with 2 or more locks on them are unaffected; any traps triggered by opening objects will be triggered)
The caster is polymorphed into a duck for 1d4 rounds.
For # of rounds = to caster level, the caster is shocked by any metal objects he touches for 1d4 electrical damage.
All non-magical, non-clothing items on the target are affected by Shrink Item for 4d4 hours.
A simulacrum of the caster appears and attacks the caster.
All creatures within 10 feet of target are affected by Sound Burst.
A 20x20 foot rain cloud appears, pouring rain about the target and following the target for a # of hours equal to caster level.

Grease effects items held by caster and target.

A Wall of Ice appears in a circle around the intended target.
Target is affected by Otto's Irresistible Dance.
The subject and the caster are affected by a Rapport spell.
For # of rounds = to caster level, any damage affecting the target is also applied to the caster, and vice verse.
All magical items within a 30' radius of the target glow for # of days equal to caster level.
The target leaves glowing footprints behind for a # of hours equal to caster level.
All creatures within 100 feet of caster per caster level are healed for d4 hit points. Undead within 100' take 1d4 damage.
A Gust of Wind occurs centering on caster and proceeding in random direction. Haunting music plays from an unseen source.
Caster becomes obedient and subservient to a random person within 10 feet of the caster for a # of hours equal to caster level.
Caster is trapped by a Forcecage (Barred Cage variety) just large enough to contain the caster for a # of rounds = to caster level.
Target grows wings and is able to Fly for a # of rounds = caster level.
For a # of rounds = to bard level, the bard experiences wracking pains whenever he attempts to sing or play an instrument. Bard takes 1d4 subdual damage for each spellsong cast (including this one) and must make a concentration check (DC 20 + dmg + spellsong level) for spellsong to succeed. Spellsong will function normally.
Everyone within 10 feet of bard per bard level speaks in a high, squeaky voice for 1d6 rounds. Bards may not cast spellsongs or use bardic abilities.
Spellsong affects everyone within 10 feet of bard per bard's level, excluding the bard.
Bard is affected by Divine Favor.
Bard is blinded for 1d4 rounds.
Target is deafened for 1d4 rounds.
Everyone within 10 feet of target per bard level is affected by Calm Emotions for a number of rounds = bard's level.
Caster is wracked by violent wild magic energy, and caster suffers 1d8 x [spell level] damage. (Fortitude half, DC 15).
Target feels compelled to sing the caster's favorite song for 1d4 rounds. Can not cast spells with verbal components or activate devices.
Target's ears double in size. -2 to charisma. +4 to listen checks. Dispel magic or Break Enchantment to reverse.
For a # of days = to bard's level, everyone within 10 feet of bard loses the ability to speak or understand any languages except one rolled randomly by the DM from among the languages of Hurva.
Caster's appearance changes to that of a some type of faerie (drow, dryad, wood elf, satyr, etc.) for # of hours = caster level.
Target acquires Allure trait with double the normal effect for a # of days equal to caster level.
For 1d4 rounds, all missile weapons and missile or ray spells originating within 30' of the target automatically miss. (Effects even those that would automatically hit)
A Zone of Truth affects Caster and all within 5 feet for # of hours equal to the intended spellsong's spell level.
Target acquires Spell Resistance 25 for a # of rounds = to caster's level.
Caster grows scales. Charisma halved. 10/+1 damage reduction gained. Duration = 1 round per caster level.
Caster and Target must remain within 1 foot of each other or be wracked with burning pains and take 1d8 subdual damage per round. Lasts for a # of days equal to caster level. Both are immediately aware of what will cause pain to cease. If one dies, the other will effectively be rendered comatose for the duration.
Caster's hearing is greatly intensified. + 10 to all listen checks. Caster takes 1d4 damage from all loud noises within 20 feet. Duration = 1 round per level of caster. Bard can not cast spellsongs or sing for duration of effect.
Each round target must make concentration check (DC 20) to act normally. If the target fails, they spend the round waving their arms in the air, running in a random direction screaming "Woo hoo, I'm Out of Control!" Duration = 1 round per level of caster.
Caster and target become panicked (-2 morale penalty to attack rolls, saves and checks; 50% chance to drop what they're holding) of each other and flee from each other for 1 round per caster level.
Target believes he is invulnerable for 1 round per caster level.
Caster becomes convinced that a random person within 30 feet is plotting to murder him. Lasts one day per caster level.
For 1 day per caster level, every sentence spoken, song sung or spellsong cast by the target is followed by loud phantom applause.
Target acquires a random severe phobia from the phobia list on the web site for 1 day per caster level. Spellsong functions normally.
Caster affected by Unlucky Trait for 1 day per caster level. During this period, chance of Wild Surge is doubled.
DM's special. Some completely random, thoroughly spectacular and generally Not Good event occurs.

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