Chapter 6: Description


While all alignments are represented by various factions in the campaign, most of the general populace of Hurva tends to be lawful neutral.

Throughout the history of Hurva conflicts of good vs evil have been the driving force. There haven't been any major conflicts between law vs. chaos...and those that have occurred are typically portrayed by historians as good vs. evil conflicts.

Player Characters are restricted to non-evil alignments. It is highly encouraged to develop character's who's alignment, personality and backround lend themselves to the 'Heroic Deeds' nature of the campaign.


Ignore everything about Religion in the Player's Handbook. See the Myth & Religion section of this website for further information.

Vital Statistics

Players are encouraged to chose their characters height and weight, but if you're stuck, feel free to use the random tables on page 93 of the PLayer's Handbook.


We will continue using the rules for traits & disadvantages as found in Player's Option: Skills & Powers.

There are three ways for PCs to obtain traits:

  1. Using the PO:S&P CHARPs values, take an offsetting disadvantage(s) equal in a value at least the number of CHARPs of the trait(s) taken.
  2. A feat may be used to take a trait.
  3. Two skill ranks may be used to take a trait.

Traits may only be selected at the time of character creation.

See the list of traits and their descriptions for details.