Chapter 7: Equipment

Normal Equipment

Armor and weapons in Hurva have a natural look and feel to them. None of the strange spikes and pointy bits that appear on the equipment in the Player's Handbook art will be found anywhere.

Several items listed in the Player's Handbook will not be found at all.

This includes:

Equipment and weapons with a distinctive Oriental feel to them will not be found in Hurva. Elsewhere in the world, perhaps, but not anywhere in the campaign area.

This includes:

Special Items

The so-called "Special Items" will not be available for purchase. They will all be considered Semi-Magical Equipment or Magic Items. Some of them may not even exist in many parts of the land.

This includes:

Holy Water

"Holy water" can only be blessed within a shrine or temple in a specially prepared vessel. The following are the holy water equivelants for each of faiths of the major Hurvan deities:

Azkal Holy Fire, commonly called Soot, or Holy Soot
Estereal Water
Jvelto Salt Water (preferred) or Fresh Water
Soltana Rose Water
Torodin Essence of Shadow (a thick, inky black smoke that is slightly heavier than air)
Wajen Spring Water, Rain Water or certain native berries or any of a number of different natural extracts or oils.