Chapter 5: Feats

Changes to Existing Feats

Dodge - replace with -
Dexterous Dodge
You are skilled at dodging attacks.
Benefit: For the purpose of determining Armor Class, treat your Dexterity score as 2 points higher than its actual value. This feat can be taken several times, and stacks with itself.
Special: This feat grants virtual access to the Dodge feat, allowing you to take other feats for which Dodge is a prerequisite.

Precise Shot
You do not have to roll randomly to determine who you hit in a mêlée situation. (see house rules on Combat)

Skill Focus
Increase the bonus to a skill from +2 to +3.

In addition to the +3 hit points, you increase the range of being 'Disabled' by a like number. So by taking this feat once, your 'Disabled' range becomes 0 to -3 hit points.

Feats allowed from sources other than the Player's Handbook

Most feats from the following sources will be allowed: DotF, S&F, S&S, T&B, MotW. Some of the feats from those sources will have to be modified to fit our house rules. Check with DM on specifics and as house rulings are made we will add them here.

Feats from The Net Book of Feats and R&R will be allowed on a case-by-case basis. There are a number of feats in these sources that are outside the power levels of our campaign.

New Feats

Extra Luck
You add four (4) to your Luck score. This feat can be taken multiple times and stacks with itself.

Improved Ranged Sneak Attack
Snipers can be the deadliest assassins . This feat allows you to fire a single missle weapon with deadly accuracy.
Prereq: Sneak Attack, Precise Shot, Far Shot
Benefit: Increases the range of sneak attacks to the base range increment of your weapon. As a full-round action, you may make a single sneak attack against any target within that range that is subject to a sneak attack.
The range benefits that you receive from other feats, such as Far Shot, do not affect this range nor do magical abilites of the weapon which increase the range increment. This feat is neither usable with other feats such as Manyshot nor with weapon-like spells.
Normal: Ranged sneak attacks are limited to 30'.

Back To the Wall (RL)
You are at your best when your situation is at its worst. The minions of evil may overwhelm you, but gods be damned if you don't take a few of them down with you.
Preq: BAB +2
Benefit: +2 attack rolls, +2 AC when you are at 1/4 or fewer of max hp.

Courage (RL)
You are particuarly fearless in the face of danger.
Preq: You have made at least one Fear save.
Benefit: +4 on all Fear saves

Jaded (RL)
Through cruel experiences you have been hardened against the horrors of the world.
Preq: You have failed at least one Horror save.
Benefit: +4 all Horror saves

Open Mind (RL)
An adaptable mind keeps your sanity resilient.
Preq: You have made at least one Madness save.
Benefit: +4 all Madness saves