Paladins of Soltana


Paladins of Soltana will for the moment use the paladin variant found in The Book of Hallowed Might, p.10, with the changes noted below. Note that through 9th level that this variant is identical to the class found in the Player's Handbook. I imagine that as we progress in our house rules that the levels 11th+ will be revised greatly.

Code of conduct: See the Paragon Code

Paladins who are members of the Paragons, begin as one of the Pride of the Paragons and having completed their training properly receive two (2) ranks in the following as bonus skills:

In addition, Paragons having completed their training properly receive two (2) ranks in two of the following of their choice as bonus skills:

The Lady's Granted Blessings

The following abilities are also granted to all paladins of Soltana at 1st level:

The Gift of Cleanliness (Su)
This ability is much like the clean and polish cantrips, except that it is always under effect. The Paladin's shield, helm, armor, and swords are always shining and his clothes clean and wrinkle free. These articles get dirty as normal, but upon leaving a filthy or muddy environment, his personal effects become clean in 2d4 minutes. As long as the paladin continues to walk the path of Truth and Justice he will be blessed with this special gift.

Rose Mantle (Su) (once daily/3 levels)
Soltanite paladins can grant allies a +1 sacred bonus on saves and opposed checks vs evil creatures for one round per level. This is accompanied by the scent of blessed roses. This ability can activate itself, when the paladin is in the presence of extreme evil. Recipients of this bonus must be able within 10' of the paladin and be able to smell the Rose Mantle when his pray is uttered. Another side-effect of this ability is the countering of extraordinary aroma based effects like the stench of a troglodyte. The duration is one minute / level.

Detect Evil (Sp)
At will the paladin can duplicate the effects of the spell Detect Evil, with the following changes. There is no verbal component. It is a full-round action. Duration is 'concentration' but the paladin can not move from his spot (though he can pivot) while concentrating. The paladin must grasp his holy symbol with one hand and with his eyes closed, extend his other hand to arms length, fingers outstretched and palm facing downward at about a 45° angle.

The way the paladin gets the information is through pain, as if the paladin were actually allergic to the evil. A dim evil aura might merely cause a pricking sensation in the fingertips, a moderate one might send jolts of slight pain up the arm to the shoulder. A strong evil aura will stun the character as described under the Detect Evil entry if the paladin is not of at least the level of the evil that caused the aura. Any overwhelming aura of greater strength than the paladin's level will cause him to be knocked to the ground unable to act for 2 rounds.

Turn Undead (Su)
As per the ability described on pages 32 & 139 of the PH with the following change. Free-willed undead can choose not to flee but instead will be held at bay. As long as the Soltanite maintains concentration, they will not be able to approach any close than 10' to the paladin (+/- one foot per level difference between their level and the effective clerics level of the paladin, to a minimum of 1') and they can not take any action in regard to the paladin and her allies other than engaging them in conversation. Likewise if the paladin or any of her allies takes any action other than conversation with the Free-willed undead, the effect of the turning is broken.

Like clerics, paladins of Soltana have a prayer list.The size of this list is triple the base number of spells per day castable + WIS modifier.

Currently, Soltanite paladins may choose from any paladin spells listed in the PH, DotF, BoHM and MoF. Also any paladin spells from R&R may be selected except for the Beacon spells.