Chapter 11: Spells


Cantrips from 1eUA replace 0 level spells.

Wizards can cast up to 4 cantrips per day per caster level. If that´s not enough, for each spell slot used, you can cast a cantrip.

All cantrips are considered Standard Actions.

All cantrips have a range of ten feet.

No cantrip may cause damage or cause another to suffer a concentration check.

No meta-magic, or any other feats, may be used to modify cantrips.

Zero-level Spells

All zero-level spells found in Core Rulebook I should be considered to be level one spells.

We may be designating a few of these as cantrips eventually.

Changes to Existing Spells

Detect Evil / Good
No human can radiate enough evil (good) to be detected by this spell. The one exception to this is that Paladins do have an aura of good that can be detected.

Detect Magic
This spell will function as 3e version with the following change. The first two rounds, whenever the caster gets basic information, her hands glow softly. On the second round, anyone who observes the caster's hands can make a Spellcraft Check (DC 20) to know what information the caster has gathered from this casting of the spell. On the third round, whenever locations of auras is revealed, objects begin glowing in a way that is visible to everyone. This glow is of the same relative brightness as the glow necklaces you see people peddling on the 4th of July. (So the intensity of the glow will be greater in bright light conditions, but can change and will always be constant relative to current lighting conditions.)

This spell will continue to 'unlock' up to two means of securing a portal but does not actually cause the closure to open.

Magic Missile
Change to "Level: Wiz 2"

Polymorph Other / Polymorph Self
Use the official errata version found in Tome & Blood.

Remove Curse, Blindness/Deafness, Disease, Paralysis, Neutralize Poison
Treat these and all similar spells as Dispel Magic. They use a caster level check. (d20 + your caster level) The DC for the check is (11+caster level of inflictor). If the source was not magical, use the DC for the saving throw as the DC to remove it. Unlike Dispel Magic there is no maximum to the number of caster levels you can add to the check.

Weapon of the Deity
This and any spell which requires a cleric to use a 'favored weapon' may be used with any weapon which is usable by the cleric.

Spells allowed from sources other than than the Player's Handbook

Character's may choose spells from the following sources: PH, BoEM, BoHM, DotF, MotW, MoF, OA, R&R, S&S, T&B. Note there are a few spells that are not in theme with the campaign and will not be allowed. Those tend to relate to detecting alignment, dealing with the law/chaos alignments and those relating to or inspired by lycanthropy or undead.

See the individual cleric's page for each one's complete spell list.

Athelstan | Azkal | Estereal | Jvelto | Othniel | Soltana | Torodin | Wajen

See the list of Bard Spells for that class' available spells.