Bards of Hurva

The Bards of Hurva are identical to the bard presented in the Player's Handbook and Skills & Powers with the exception of their spell casting. Instead of them casting as mages, they must play an instrument and sing to cast a spellsong. There is a list of spellsongs from a variety of sources that follows. Spellsongs are an unstable form of magic and occasionally misfire resulting in a wild surge.

Spellsongs are not the stuff of pure magical energy, like a wizard's magic missile, but tend to relate to bardic nature. Charm/Emotion control, Travel, Messages, and Luck as well as Music/Sound are the typical themes of spellsongs

Bards receive 75 points for character creation using the Skills and Powers system. The standard Hurvan bard takes: Alter Moods (5), Climb Walls (5), Counter Effects (10), Hear Noise (5), History (10), Pick Pockets (10), Rally Friends (5), Read Languages (5), Sound Resistance (5), Scroll Use (5), Spellsong (10).

Additional Character Points Skill Options

A Cappella Spellsong (15): Use voice only for spells instead of instrument. Requires the voice NWP. Useless without the Spellsong ability.

Access to any one school of wizard spells (15): The bard has to read a spell on a scroll, or have it taught to him and he can write an original bardsong to cast the spell. Useless without the Spellsong ability.

Access to any one school of priest spells (15): The bard must choose a follow the tenets of a patron who grants the inspiration for spellsongs that duplicate the spells of that particular sphere. Note, the patron's clerics must normally have major access to the sphere; if they only have minor, the bard is likewise limited although the CHARPs cost is not reduced. Useless without the Spellsong ability.

Bribe (5): As the thief ability of the same name, starts at 5%.

Combat Bonus (5/15): As a 5-point skill, the bard receives +1 to THAC0. As a 15-point ability, the bard uses the warrior's THAC0 chart.

Defense Bonus (10): +2 to AC if unarmored and unencumbered.

Detect Charm (5): Works like the thief ability to detect magic, starts at 10%.

Empathy (5): At 9th level, the bard can use this power three times/day.

Expanded Repertoire (10): Choose one extra spell per level to learn.

Hit Point Bonus (10): Use d8 instead of d6 for hit points.

Spellsong (10): The ability to cast spells through musical instruments and singing. Useless without the musical instrument NWP. See below for details.

Optional Restrictions

Limited Magical Item Use (5+): A bard with this restriction disdains enchanted items and refuses to use certain categories of magical items. For each barred category, he receives 5 charps. The categories are: potions, oils, and scrolls; rings, rods, staves, wands, and miscellaneous magical items; all magical weapons and armor.


Other Details

All options for bard from Skills & Powers available as listed, except Hurvan bards cannot take Wizard Spells (10). This is replaced with Spellsong.

Bard's can pick from the warrior, rogue & wizard NWP lists. Also from Bard's HB: Acting, Chanting, Craft Instrument, Crowd Working, Poetry and Whistling/Humming. See the below chart for S&P conversions.

Proficiency CHARPs Initial Rating Relevant Ability
Acting 2 5 Chr/Appearance
Chanting 2 9 Chr/Leadership
Craft Instrument 5 6 Dex/Aim
Crowd Working 3 7 Chr/Leadership
Poetry 3 8 Int/Knowledge
Whistling 3 6Dex/Balance