Non-Weapon Proficiencies

This section is divided into two primary parts. Please be patient as many of these pages are formatted with tables and nothing will appear until the entire page loads.

The reference section shows in which book to find the official version of a NWP for the campaign, and updates older NWPs to the PO:S&P system. Note that places in the lists are left blank; these are from books that no one in our group owns and are only listed for the sake of completeness.

The new section includes NWPs from a variety of sources that are not AD&D books. These include: Original material by our group; Other web sites; Dragon and other magazines; GURPS or other RPGs. This section also may include material from the AD&D books that has been re-written for our campaign.

Player's should use the lists in Skills & Powers and in Spells & Magic. All of the skills from the Player´s Handbook are included on those lists. Note the following changes:

Changes to the Player´s Handbook NWP list:

Changes to the Skills & Powers NWP list:

The Complete <Character Class> Books & NWP

Check this site or with the DM before taking a NWP from any of these books as there is much inconsistency between them. Some of the NWPs have new names and mechanics in S&P and some have been reclassified as traits. Refer to this site for CHARPs, Relevant Subabilites and Initial Ratings for pre-Skills & Powers sources.