Who Rules

King Gerdant, King of Hurva, 5th of House Werax
Baroness Gelia, Baron of Suress (rumored to be at least 1/4 elven)
Court Representative Galion, (Gelia´s son, winner of the Hurvan Games of 1076)
Duke D´Menichi, Duke of Istur
Commissioner of Constables Leono

Who Really Rules

The Organization (Thieves Guild):
Nicholas Francesca Borentelli aka Shifty Nicco, Guildmaster

Particuarly during the warmer months, a number of pirate vessels that avoided being pushed into naval service for the war call the Port of Istur home.

Merchant Houses:
29 families control 95% of the trade industry and 1/2 of all other commerce; ten of those houses control half of that. Houses Colnet, Volenta, Veneti, Machi, etc.


Tax roles: 127,000
Summer: 175,000

Major Products & Industries

Ale Fish Ships Barrels
Lamp Oil Soap Beer Leather Goods
Textiles Bread Mead Water-Proof Clothing
Cheese Mercenaries Wagons Money-Lending
Chests Crates Wheels Preserved Meats

Armed Forces

1,100 Constables, patrol in groups of ten
leather armor, nightstick, crossbow, dagger

1,600 sailors - Royal Navy Shipyards - Admiral Kells,
Port of Call for 3 galleons, 6 great galleys and 9 cogs

Notable Mages & Sages

Dorvin Monstrous creatures, cryogenics (owns the Ice Pool)
Donar Greylock Arcanology

Notable Temples

Jvelto - Ebb Tide Temple
Torodin - Strand´s Shadows
Azkal - Soldier´s & Sailor´s Hall

Major Shrines

Soltana - Our Lady of the Dove
Estereal - Word of Law

Minor churches and shrines

Oceans Mischief/Trickery Darkness/Night
Sky Moon Fortune/Luck
Weather Oracles/Prophecy Love
Sun Justice/Revenge Music/Dance

Notable Thieves Guilds

The Organization:
Shifty Nicco, Guildmaster
Sammy, insurance "salesman"
Sal Salvatore, thug and enforcer

At least six separtate bands (Red Francis,

2 Youth Gangs:
The Gulls and The Krakens

Equipment Shops - Full

Dungeoneer´s Quarters

Both Moons Full Fair/Expensive
Mead Indigo Good/Moderate
The Diamond Star Excellent/Expensive
Peg-Leg Pete´s Good/Cheap
The Magical Mermaid Excellent/Moderate
The Oasis Fair/Cheap
Port o´ Call Poor/Cheap
Paradise Cove Poor/Moderate
Whale´s Eye Inn Fair/Expensive


Barnacle Joe´s Fair/Moderate
The Hook Fair/Cheap
Stripers Excellent/Cheap
Breakers Good/Expensive
Land Lubbers Poor/Cheap
Torg´s Good/Cheap
Dancing Dragons Good/Moderate
Sou´easter Gale Poor/Moderate
Torscelli´s Excellent/Expensive

Other important characters

Garth Owns livery stables
D´Golan Swashbuckler
Temmer Wadsworth Longfellow ´The black pirate´
Hassan Innkeep, The Oasis
Alanna Owner, The Oasis
Heronius Bouncer, The Oasis, ex-Dalwan gladiator

Important Features
Baroness´ Palace
D´Menichi´s Villa
Naval Yard
Beggars Boardwalk
The Pit
Constables Garrison
Ebb Tide Temple
The Valley