Who Rules

King Gerdant, King of Hurva, 5th of House Werax
Baron Dalon, Baron of Fyd
Balron Ironfist, Theign of the Dwarven Peoples

Who Really Rules


Tax roles: 32,000 Humans; 15,000 Dwarves
Summer: 70,000

Major Products & Industries


bricks wrought iron metal armor
dyes furniture whiskeys
furs gem cutting stonemasonry
mutton hardware, ornate saddles
battle, pack and riding
carved wooden casements
& posts
dwarven ale
& spirits

Armed Forces

150 constables, patrol in pairs - padded armor, spear

35 Dwarven Peacekeepers, patrol in pairs - Dwarven plate, battle ax

Notable Mages & Sages


Galios Heraldry; politics; Signs; Sigils; Runes
Myrzanis Monsters, expert on the Fiends
Cym Music, Demi-Human culture & lore
Bristol Geology, Vulcanology
Dannigan Enchanted Weaponry lore
Torial Zepher Musical Instruments & Sound

Notable Temples


Wajen Stead of Tall Pines

Major Shrines



Minor churches and shrines


Metalwork Earth Darkness/night
Hunting Guardianship Oceans, rivers
Thunder Vegetation Strength

Notable Thieves Guilds

None known

Equipment Shops partial (can be poor in winter, except major product

Dungeoneer´s Quarters


Bearskin Lodge Good/Expensive
The Hill Crest Inn Fair/Moderate
The Pragheorn Excellent/Expensive
Mama Miloche's Fair/Moderate
The Caverns Good/Cheap



Golden Tankard Good/Expensive
The Frothy Beard Good/Moderate
Stone & Hammer Excellent/Moderate
The Winter Garten Fair/Moderate
The Round-Up Poor/Cheap

Other important characters


Marcion Captain of Royal Stables

Important Features


Castle Ironfist
Grondar's Steel Bazaar