Who Rules

King Gerdant, King of Hurva, 5th of House Werax
Baron Jurenst, Baron of Tolon
Court Representative Rulens
Duke Relinor, Duke of Tonn

Who Really Rules

The Affiliates Amagigo


Tax roles: 85,000 Humans (many are students); 17,000 Gnomes
Summer: 155,000

Major Products & Industries


Books Glassware Information
Paper Pewter Liquor, fiery
Locks Medicines Perfume (expensive)
Sherry (highly prized)

Armed Forces

Affiliates Amagigo´s Waykeepers patrol in groups of 3-5 mages with wands of paralyzation

Constables patrol in groups of 2-5; padded armor,(light crossbows), darts, nightsticks

Notable Mages & Sages


Algernon Arch-diviner & master bard; Loremaster, Affiliates Amagigo
Shiriel Iruland Alchemy, health tonics
Iilya De Graylen Ethereal Plane
Mikaela Windwhisper Anatomy
Talea Alcemides Herbalism, Toxicology
Olivia & Jarod Coronis Ancient Languages, Literature
Leandro Thaxter Mathematics
Val Beltane Astral Plane
Kypros T´biansan Medicine, Eyesight, Hearing
Mystral Stargazer Astrology
Eneas De Brysay Monsters, Fiends
Relos Astronomy
Tsen T´ainte Monsters, Insectile
Julieta Kalhryn Biology, Children, Pregnancy
Lasairian Monsters, Mammalian
Ular Scribesman Cartography, Treasure Maps
Fionnghuala Monsters, Monstrous Plants
Duncan Stanislaus Chemistry, Solvents/Glues
Astraeus Monsters, Reptilian
Riddlemaster Zurvayn Cryptography
Taliesen D´Mar Sociology, Red Bear Clan

Notable Temples

Torodin The Tower of Mysteries
Estereal Light of Truth
Soltana Our Lady of Mercy

Major Shrines


Minor churches and shrines


Knowledge (Oghma) Darkness/Stars Messengers
Arts Magic Light
Moon Darkness/Night Wisdom
Time Lightning Earth
Thunder Sun Love, Lust & Beauty

Notable Thieves Guilds

None that are notable

Equipment Shops - - Poor for most items; full for mage oriented items

Dungeoneer´s Quarters

Spend the Knight Inn
The Wild Chessman
The Broken Drum
There´s No Place Like Gnome´s

Notable Taverns, Grills & Restaurants

The Two Halfling´s
Stumpy Bob´s House of Beer
The Tower Tavern
Sign of the Sign
The Trough
The Tavern of Ever-Full Jugs
The Longtooth Lounge
The Singing Frog Sanctuary

Other important characters

Japheth Arcane Chancellor, College Amagigo
Raphael Japheth´s sentient, huge raven familiar
Dirganun Regent in charge of archeological digs
Pride Shardea Brightdelve, Kingwatcher Regent of Ghant; in charge of security

Important Features

College Amagigo
Crystal Ball of Uilleam
Tonn Field
Tower of the Affiliates