Official Registry of Guests
to the Kingdom of Hurva

Thanks to all our lawful visitors who have chosen to legally register upon entering our kingdom. Their presence in our lands will always be welcome with open hands as long as they continue to act in good faith and pay all fees and duties. Kind words of others that were received earlier are archived for your convenience.

Here are some comments from our latest citizens. Oh, I mean guests...

Webmaster's Note:  Comments are not posted automatically. To eliminate the chance of guestbook abuse, comments are emailed to me. I'll post them as soon as I can, but from time to time, life might cause me to be delayed.

Visitor Name: Sir Smatkin
Profession Spearman
City: Iyulatik, The southern most island of Du
Comments: My movement amongst "others" is "little". This world of which you inform me is like
many worlds in my dreams.

Visitor Name: Lord Darian Ulrick
Profession Arathoxian General
City: The Royal City of Arathoxia
Comments: Hey, I just wanted to stop by and say great site. Sorry for the out of character message. I hope you don't mind. If things keep up where me, and my people are currently located, we might be submitting an application to join as a small nation! Contact me if you have any questions.

Webmaster's Note:  We wish you luck on your nation buiding endevour. When you have carved out your niche in the great web of the wilderness, the people of Hurva will gladly welcome your ambassador.

Visitor Name: Massimo Zeitawi
Profession student
City: Arecibo

Visitor Name: Shanti

Visitor Name: Ethereal
Profession LAPD officer
City: New Orleans
Comments: Nice

Webmaster's Note:   I sincerely hope that's New Orleans, CA!! Or else that's one heck of a commute!!

Visitor Name: Lavinia Ashstand
Profession alchemist
City: Dandelion Hill
Comments: Hey! How about some service here? Where are the updates? Where is the new stuff? Nothing new since FEB? What do you people do all day?

Webmaster's Note:   Like a fine wine, things had to sit for a while to improve. In the meantime, there's some nice men at the Port 'O Call that would like to *speak* to you. ;-)

Visitor Name: Vexxuss
Profession technician
City: Cincinnati, Ohio
Comments: cool site

Visitor Name: Mona Lisa
Profession student
City: Floral City

Visitor Name: Jim H
Profession student
City: Summit

Visitor Name: danitri
City: Pollock

Comments may be left by signing the registry in the Office of Citizenship