Official Registry of Guests
to the Kingdom of Hurva
Comments received between Jan 1, 2001 - Dec. 31, 2002

This is part of the archives of our official registry. Everything on this page was received during 2001-2002. You may return to the most recently received comments by clicking here. Or you may choose to view entries left prior to 2001 by clicking here.

Visitor Name: brueggi
Profession architect
City: gescher - germany
Comments: quiet interesting home-page

Visitor Name: Greg C
Profession Technical Stuff.
City: Winnipeg
Comments: Good job!

Visitor Name: Damocles Calamar
Profession Elven Language Teach
City: Ebnyir - Kandaris
Comments: Your HP is really awesome...
I have a world myself, but at this moment I'm more interested in finding some good friends to play with.

Is accepting PBEM players from Brazil?
In case yes, what do I have to do?



Webmaster's Note:   Unfortunately none of us really have the time necessary to run a PBEM game. It was considered in the past, but I've played PBEMs where the DM was very busy, and it just isn't fun for the player. So rather than put more not-good stuff out there, we've decided to put our limited resources into making the website as good as an RPG resource as possible.

Visitor Name: Isobelle
Profession artist
City: Hobart , Tasmania, Australia

Visitor Name: Vanella
Profession student
City: Trondheim

Visitor Name: Carlos Albbriiton
Profession Security guard
City: Dallas
Comments: I just hope I can enjoy some good game play

Visitor Name: Thasic
Profession Engineer
City: Laurel
Comments: Very impresive site. I may have to plagarize some of your info if that's ok...

Webmaster's Note:   Thank you, kindly. Yes, we are always honored when our endeavor can be appreciated in the way it was intended — in an in-game context. Please credit and link back to us if you plan on placing materials on the web. Please be sure to check our own disclaimer page as some of the materials found here were found elsewhere as well.

Visitor Name: Jessica M
Profession Student
City: Minneapolis

Visitor Name: inquis1405
Profession student
City: Clear Lake, USA

Visitor Name: Stephen D'Amato
Profession DM, Blurred-Vision, A D&D 3E Campaign
Comments: An excellent site and campaign. Do you still play? If so, will you ever update the site again?

In any case, thanks for the incredible site. It has become my new benchmark and inspiration for my own site.

Webmaster's Note:   Yes, we still play. Yes, there will be updates again. Real life just got in the way for a bit there...hopefully, I'll be able to update regularly again now.

Applicant Name: Jennifer
Profession: Student
Comments: Sad to say, I know nothing of the RPG upon which this kingdom is founded--yet I was delighted to explore its fascinating realms! And I was also surprised to find that there was a lot more to a couple of obscure Frenchmen that I THOUGHT I knew, than meets the novel reader's eye . . . :) I hope to return here often to satisfy the occasional (and more frequent) urge for flights of fantasy . . .

Webmaster's Note:   We at the Hurvan Cultural Ministry are absolutely delighted to know that at least one other soul out there has either a strong cultural background or was forced at knifepoint to slog through the original tome.

Visitor Name: oracle
Profession none yet
City: Pittsburgh
Comments: good site, i need spells and charecter ect,ect,i cant find them, they should be easier to reach

Webmaster's Note:   Hmmmm, let's see if I can help. Have you tried using the Search feature? That should help most folks find their way to something specific. Most of the new spells are for Bards - check out the House Rulse section. Finally, there are characters of all sorts, kind to nefarious, merchants to nobles, heroes to villians sprinkled all throughout our Kingdom. May I suggest two places for starters - the PCs and the list of Sages.

Visitor Name: Espen Skotterud
Profession Royal courier, The Kingdom of Northlight
City: Oslo
Comments: I'm a royal courier from the newborn Kingdom of Northlight. I come with a pledge for help with creating our own website. The Kingdom of Hurva has a truly magnificent website, a website we all hold with great respect. How do you suggest we establish our own website, and is it possible for our Kingdom getting to use your royal website standard?

As a token of our appreciation, we wish to establish an alliance with the Kingdom of Hurva. If it is possible to use your royal website standard, our foreign minister has mandate from the King to discuss financial terms with you, but as a newborn Kingdom, our royal coffers are not especially heavy.

Webmaster's Note:   At this point in time, I'm afraid that we can not host other's web sites at - and no, money isn't the issue at this time. If that would change, we will post info on the usenet's

As for an exchange of links, The Kingdom of Hurva will exchange banners. Please follow the link for details.

Visitor Name: Eric Oliveras
Profession Video Editor
City: Phoenix, AZ
Comments: WOW!!! Thats it in one word; wow. This is the Kingdom of Hurva is the best kingdom I have ever come across. From this day foward, I am always pointing by browser (thats a fancy word in my own lands for sextent) to the Kingdom of Hurva for new ideas and such. LOVE YOUR SITE!!

Visitor Name: Lord Alcarius Blackdrake
URLs RPG Tools =

Alcarius' Realm =
City: Phoenix, AZ
Comments: I would like to extend an invitation for you to add your site to our Top Links database. RPG Tools is a rapid growing site that specializes in D&D 3rd edition downloads. Of course we still graciously accept 2nd ed. files. You can even place your banner with your listing. The database ranks sites by votes and hits from the listing.

To place your site in the database: go to and click on Top Sites. A link back would be greatly appreciated, but not necessary and it would not affect your standings in the ranks.

BTW, real nice site

Until swords meet again,
Lord Alcarius Blackdrake
(721 UW- Year of the Dark)

Webmaster's Note:   There was a point in time where joining such listings was important to us. At the moment, while we appreciate the existance of such lists, we are not seeking to join them at this time.

Visitor Name: Jason Carl
Profession RPG Designer
City: Seattle
Comments: I'm impressed. This is without a doubt one of the coolest fantasy rpg campaign sites I've ever visited!

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