Official Registry of Guests
to the Kingdom of Hurva
Comments received up to Dec 31, 2000

This is part of the archives of our official registry. Everything on this page was received prior to the beginning of 2001. You may return to the most recently received comments by clicking here. Or you may choose to view entries left during 2001-2002 by clicking here.

Visitor Name: Timothy S. Brannan, MS. Ed., Ph.D (ABD)
Profession & City: University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Medical Education
Website: The alt.sys.pc-clone.Gateway2000 FAQ
Comments: I have just spent the last few hours going over your website and reading all the myths.
I must say it is one of the best D&D sites I have ever seen. You have done an excellent job!

Applicant Name: Jin An
Profession: College student
City: Seoul, Korea (born)

Applicant Name: Zachary Anderson
Comments: I must say, this is an excellently organized site that's pleasing to the eyes. Well done.


Applicant Name: Hapyshizo
Profession: Sorcerer
City: Medusald
Comments: famous magician wants to be council to the king or high noble. Or just live quietly in his cottage in a forest.

Applicant Name: Bill Tonkin
Profession: Military Police
City: Heidelberg, Germany
Comments: Great site, a lot of useful and inspiring stuff.

Applicant Name: Cardinal Boursy
Profession: Philosopher/King
City: Somerville, Massachusetts
Comments: I came to your kingdom because the word was that I'd have to pay taxes and of course I love to pay taxes.

Applicant Name: Kevin Kulp
City: Somewhere near Boston
Comments: I just thought I'd toss you a note to tell you how impressed I am by your campaign website. Nice work! It isn't all that often that I run into people who seem like they have a really, really fun game, and I always feel sorry for them. Not this time; it looks like you have a group worth keeping. Being familiar with Feast of Goblyns, I also enjoyed reading the PC's descriptions and journal; it was amusing to see the (somewhat contrived, I thought) PC manipulations from the PC's view. It's a viewpoint that not every DM gets to see quite so clearly. He's a good writer. (webmaster's note - actually, "she's" a good writer)

I was also amused looking at your list of modules run. I've used a number of those as well.. including that doppleganger adventure "Night of Fear" (I had 2 dopplegangers tag-teaming; the PC's killed one, missed the other, and returned to Crellar's months later to find that the doppelgangers had killed Crellar and his oldest son, taken their places, and that Crellar's wife was pregnant. Two PCs died as they tried to flush out the shapeshifters, and Crellars Trading Post was burned down. They still talk about that, as the doppleganger who got away became a great reoccurring villain), and Chadranthar's Bane (another PC died in this one, killed by inch-tall goblins and pushed from a ceiling beam).

Applicant Name: Gordon
Profession: web producer
City: davison MI
Comments: Very nice site. Simple but effective graphics, good load times, and quality information.

Applicant Name: Erik Arneson
Profession: Webring Software Engineer
Comments: WOW!

Thank you so much for creating such an incredible campaign webpage. I am captivated and astounded, and feel very humbled. You have created new standards for other AD&D websites to strive for.

Applicant Name: William Stepilworth
Profession: student
City: Tonn

Applicant Name: Hellkite
Profession: Dragon Warrior
City: Unknown

Applicant Name: Kurt May
Profession: Gainfully Employed
City: Monroe, Mi
Comments: Just surfed in. Nice site - if you need players drop me a line.

Applicant Name: Melisende
Profession: Biographer
City: Melbourne, Australia
Comments: Astounding is one of the many words that can be used to describe this Kingdom. My journey here has been most enlightening and enjoyable. I hope I shall be permitted entry into this Kingdom again. Take care on life's great journey!

Applicant Name: Dustin Schulmeyer
Email: The_daya
Profession: college student
City: metro Manila
Comments: born in Hawaii; raised in Hawaii, Illinois, California, and then the Phillipines; I love RPG's

Applicant Name: Dorjan DeKorume
Profession: Rogue
City: City of Angels, Calif.
Comments: You have a really nice campaign world.

Applicant Name: Björn Toft Madsen
Comments: On a recent visit to your site I found a lot of nice ideas, rich content, good organization and fine detail!

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there and hope you'll keep expanding the site with more of this high-quality content.

oh, BTW: The recipe section is a brilliant idea! Keep up the good work.

Applicant Name: Kevin Dodge
Profession: Office Manager
City: Everett

Applicant Name: Kainaas Andrade
Profession: Adventurer
City: Kilpatrick in the Barony of Suress
Comments: 'tis been most excellent, travelling and exploring the home world this way.

Is there any info on life beyond the northern mountains? What of the other kingdoms?

Webmaster's Note:  Harat, a barbaric empire, is beyond the northeastern mountains. There will be details on that vile land, eventually...

Applicant Name: Ed Gibson
Profession: Author
City: Dayton, Ohio
Comments: I'm stopping by to check out your web site for the Polyhedron contest.

Applicant Name: Janice Scott Brewer
Profession: Psychologist
City: Milfore, Michigan

Applicant Name: Krulak "the brute"
Profession: Killer
City: Parris Island

Applicant Name: Dustin Schulmeyer
Profession: college student
City: Valenzuela City , Phil.
Comments: AD&D Fanatic

Applicant Name: Mat Jackson
Comments: I must say I am most impressed with your web site. Beautifully designed and just overflowing with original content. I would definately have to rank it among the best sites I have seen.

Applicant Name: John
Comments: First I would like to say that I really enjoyed your site. It's good to see someone who truly does justice to the game once in awhile.

Second I would like to ask your permission about something. I've made a lot of use of the laws and taxes that I found on your site in my own games at home. I'd like to post them on my site in their slightly altered form. I'll include a link and give full credit to you of course, but will respect your wishes if you choose not to. Regardless, you have made my games just a little better and I wish you luck in the future.

Webmaster's Note:  I tend to agree to these sorts of requests but I really appreciate both the asking and the offer to link back to this site.

Applicant Name: Scott
Profession: student
City: Tampa

Applicant Name: Thom Mac
Profession: Management
City: Falls Church, VA
Comments: Very creative site - just loved it

Applicant Name: Blair Kazlo
Profession: Student
City: Chester
Comments: I really like your page. It's awesome!

Applicant Name: Vidar
Profession: Student

Applicant Name: Fco. Javier Ramìrez Lòpez
City: Guadalajara, Jalisco. Mèxico

Applicant Name: Stefan Persson
Comments: Hi!

I just wanted to say that there is a village in the south of Sweden called Hurva where I grew up. Nice to see the name used in a RPG :)

Applicant Name: Espen Skotterud
Profession: Priest of Lathander
City: Oslo
Comments: The greatest site and kingdom I've seen on the Internet. Incredibly rich in details and depth. As a DM, you have given me excellent ideas for my world. I give you the blessings of Morninglord Lathander.

Applicant Name: Volker
City: Rock Ford

Applicant Name: Mario "Assassin " Samolis
Profession: Fighter/Wizard/Theif

Applicant Name: Tonnya Cain
Profession: Office Manager
City: Virginia Beach

Applicant Name: David Hagerberg
City: Hurva, Sweden
Comments: Dear Webmaster!

Interestingly I did not know that my village was a kingdom!!


Applicant Name: King Diure LXIV
Profession: King of Rang
City: Duerstadt, Rang, in the Land of Aerv
Comments: I have time for few ventures out of my own kingdom, but I must say that if all kingdoms are as great as Hurva, and if all men tell stories of the quality I see here, it will require more years than the Zioth provides to work Rang into the history books.