Hurvan Calendar

Jan Esterealan July Azkala
Feb Railos Aug Soltar
Mar Wajenio Sept Glüst
Apr Enerio Oct Bonvesti
May Jvelton Nov Torodio
June Dragonia Dec Lowin
Between the final day of Lowin and the first day of Esterealan there is the Holy Festival of Estereal, a five day celebration of the triumph of law and reason over the powers of darkness and mystery. It is customary for all to wear masks throughout the festival and not remove them until midnight of the last day (usually at a grand ball, known as the Masque Ball of Estereal). All businesses in the kingdom are closed, save inns and taverns for these five days.

All of the months consist of four seven-day weeks, making a Hurvan year 341 days long. Days have no proper names (use real world names for convenience) and are 24 hours long.

The months are based off the lunar cycle of the greater moon, Reeba, which is always at her fullest on the first day of each month. The lesser twin, Raaba, wanders about the sky with a variable cycle of 11-19 days.