The Astrology of Hurva

Estereal LN/G god of law ceremony and truth
Azkal LN/E god of war, fire and soldiers
Jvelto CN god of water, ocean and sailing
Wajen N/G goddess of fertility and druidism
Torodin N god of shadow, vision, dreams and theft
Athelstan CE god of pain, suffering and misfortune
Soltana LG goddess of love loyalty and sacrifice
Othniel NE god of disease and death


(progeny of the rape of Soltana by Athelstan)

Reeba, the greater moon LE female twin
Raaba, the lesser moon CG male twin


The stars over Sunube are suspended in two great spheres which move independently of each other. There are many occasions when pictures seen in one sphere will pass near or overlap with images in the other. It is through the interpretation of these conjunctions that some can predict future events - though the learned scoff at these fortune tellers as charlatans.

Characters with the astrology non-weapon proficiency can interpret which conjunctions of constellations and planets have meaning at any particular time.

Greater Sphere
The Crown Royalty, authority, leadership
Enjolras The Noble Warrior (killed by the fiend) - courage, honesty, heroism, paladins
Cynara, The Weeping Maiden (loved Enjolras) Grief, sorrow, loss, defeat, tragedy
Mount Vexus Adversity, improvement, far-reaching goals in sight
The Ruby Ring Marriage, partnership, good fortune
The Three Hags Forbidden knowledge, secrets, deceit, blindness
Bruenor, The Dwarven SmithStrength, willpower, endurance, craftsmanship
The Millstone Setback, burden, obstacle, duty
The Loom Fate, destiny, life and death, creation
Tonn´s Staff Magic, mystery, the unexpected
Tonn´s Scroll A question posed or answered, unexpected news
The Diamond Star Wealth, success, wish fulfilled
The Skull Death, disaster
The Crossed Swords Conflict, struggle, war, violence, pain
The Great Ship Long journey, exploration, discovery
The Jeweled Goblet A sudden fortune/gift, praise, reward
The Phoenix Birth, rebirth, new beginnings, sudden change

Lesser Sphere
Azeroth, The Fiend (kills Enjolras) Overwhelming odds, danger, chaos, destruction
Grantaire´s Arrow (chasing the fiend) Success against overwhelming odds, desperation,opportunity
Ivor, The Hunter Hunts the lion - search, quest, rangers
Rascal, The Raven Ill omen, bad tidings, misperception
Riker, The Lion Strength, courage, boldness, recklessness
Llira´s Harp Joy, pleasure, celebration, music, art, talent
Rodrick, The Woodsman Endurance, masculinity, destruction, solitude, independence
Flight of Sprites Frivolity, nature, innocence, youth
Perian The Hydra Multi-faceted problems, danger from all sides
The Gorgon Loss of a loved one, plans gone awry, financial ruin
The Snake Hidden danger, unseen enemy, betrayal
Corman/Cann, The Ettin Indecision, conflicting desires, choices
The Anchor Returning home, recovery from illness, meeting an old friend
Sanellor, The Unicorn Purity, innocence, beauty