Order of Paragons

Current Members of the Council of Nine

Grand Master Sir Roland Roy Holdifax, Kingwatcher (Estereal)
Master Duke Preston De Ger, Kingwatcher (leader, Estereal)
Master Felix Radulphi, Kingwatcher (Estereal)
Master Keltus Zantiryon, Kingwatcher (Estereal)
Master Good Brother Valistor Aungerson (leader, Soltana)
Master Good Sister Lady Mikaela Whitefall (Soltana)
Master Good Brother Gregor Finn (Soltana)
Master Lord Eiron S´Lantheros (Arienh)
Master Selenia Fairchilde (Natanael)

Descriptions of Current Council Members

Grand Master Sir Roland Roy Holdifax, Kingwatcher
Age 44. Although standing only 6´ 1", Sir Roy seems to tower in stature even amongst the company he keeps. He has attained a level of fighting prowess not seem amongst the Paragons since the Days of Disgrace. Even more impressive is his understanding of the complex political, legal and bureaucratic intricacies of the kingdom. Recently, he was elected to a second term as Grand Master. His neatly trimmed beard is several shades darker than his sandy brown hair, which is usually pulled back to form a short pony tail. He is currently the only member of the Paragons to be knighted, and thus able to own land; though this has become a political bone the government has thrown the order in recent years, as their academy in the capital was confiscated during the Days of Disgrace. Sir Roy´s small keep and lands that lay about halfway between Geston and Palk have been an adequate facility for ten years now.

Master Duke Preston De Ger, Kingwatcher and leader of Esterealan sect
Age 57. Tall, strong, distinguished with gray hair, beard & neatly trimmed mustache. Despite his age, Preston´s blue eyes still sparkle with vitality, and he is still a formidable match for novitiates seeking to learn the art of combat. Preston is quick to condemn those who break or bend the code, and he likewise shows great disapproval for Paragons who display poor manners and lack of discipline. He is just as quick, however, to commend those who have done well for the Order and for the Church of Estereal. Preston has a a great respect for priests of all the good faiths, and one of his major roles on the Council is to help the Order maintain good relations with the five major Churches of Hurva. Preston is the Duke of a small mining town in northeastern Gessel.

Master Felix Radulphi, Kingwatcher
Age 70. Snowy white hair, failing eyesight, but still quite healthy and sound of mind, Felix is widely regarded as one of the wisest men ever to sit on the Council of Nine. The soft-spoken but firmly principled man possesses the gift of empathy, allowing him to understand how best to encourage and discipline members of the Order. He resides full-time at the Academy, and is oft sought by both novitiates and seasoned members to discuss personal problems and difficult decisions. He is unfailingly kind and good-hearted.

Master Keltus Zantiryon, Kingwatcher
Age 42. A handsome, muscular warrior with long, blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Keltus is a newly appointed member, having served the council only three years. Keltus is regarded as one of the greatest warriors in the Order, and is usually one of the opponents novitiates must defeat to pass the test of arms and be initiated. In addition to his many duties, Keltus spends a great deal of his time searching for likely new members for the Order.

Master Good Brother Valistor Aungerson and leader of Soltanite sect
Age 44. Incredibly handsome with dark hair, blue eyes and a commanding baritone voice, there are those who claim that Valistor is a descendant of Saint Enjolras himself (They have no proof, but there is indeed an uncanny resemblance to the portrait kept in Sir Holdifax´s keep). Valistor is intensely committed, even for a Paladin, to the Order and to the Church of Soltana, leaving little time for any kind of a personal life in his busy schedule. Valistor is an excellent speaker, and sometimes lectures at the academy on the importance of justice tempered with mercy, redemption, and forgiveness.

Master Good Sister Lady Mikaela Whitefall
Lady Whitefall   Age 33. The youngest member of the council and also newly appointed (4 years), Mikaela is a strong and beautiful woman with long, blonde ringlets and blue eyes. Mikaela lost her husband Lord Galderon in their first year of marriage; her demeanor of dedication, loyalty and pride is tempered with an air of sadness that has scarcely diminished in the ten years since his death. Mikaela is determined to see the Order restored to its former glory, not for the Paragon´s own pride, but for the sake of those in need who might otherwise not seek their assistance. Mikaela is and always has been a champion of the poor and helpless.

Master Good Brother Gregor Finn
Age 40. A dashing and energetic man with dark brown hair and hazel eyes, Gregor is handsome, charming and probably the most fun-loving member of the Council. He spends three months each year at the Academy, seeking to instill in novitiates that the Code is something to find pride and joy in - a novitiate seeing it as a burden and a struggle might be wise to reconsider his or her calling. In addition to his duties as a Paragon, Gregor is an amateur historian on the Order and its members. He strives to learn about the personal lives of each Paragon (out of true kindness as well as curiosity), and is said to be the most knowledgeable man in Hurva about the lives of Saint Enjolras and his comrades in arms.

Master Lord Eiron S´Lantheros
of the Church of Arienh, god of culture. Age 59. Eiron is a handsome, distinguished and well-dressed gentleman with neatly trimmed white hair & soft, gray eyes. Eiron is vastly concerned with the reputation of the Order and the manners of its members. He is gentle, articlulate and soft-spoken. These days, he spends most of his time on his estates, composing choral pieces for religious services.

Master Selenia Fairchilde
of the Church of Natanael, goddess of redemption. Age 37. Selenia is a striking woman with short red hair, green eyes and a passionate, energetic nature. A scar across her cheek and ear does nothing to reduce her incredible beauty. She is bold and outspoken. She is determined to see the Order restored to its former glory, she demands the best from each member and from herself, and firmly believes that a Paragon is capable of anything. Her temper is both feared and legendary.