Order of Paragons

Grand Master
Church of EsterealChurch of Soltana

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Council of Nine


Order of Enjolras


Pride of the Paragons


Esterealan Sect: The Kingwatchers
Soltanite Sect: The Good Brethren

Greater Order: The Order of Enjolras (addressed as Master)
Lesser Order: The Pride of the Paragons (addressed as Pride by the Masters, as Brother or sister by all others)

Grand Master

Ruling Council

Arienh (culture) Ranevskaya (guardianship)
Avidor (good) Salome (healing)
Natanael (redemption) Shilah(sun)
Pholtos (light) Tritherion (justice/revenge)

Council Members are appointed for life or until they choose to retire.

Council Members must be from the Order of Enjolras.