Order of Paragons
Training, Initiation, and Promotion

The Academy of Standards

Where the initiates are trained. Housed at the Grand Master´s Keep (currently in Gessel). Those seeking to enter the Order of Paragons must first donate all their worldly goods to the Order. They then reside at the Academy until they are initiated; all of their needs are met by the Order. There is no set time for training: A test is giving once each year, beginning on Joining Day (2 Soltar). Novitiates who fail the test have the option of staying to try again next year or leaving the Academy. Novitiates are not required to take the test until they feel they are ready. The test consists of two parts:

1) Trial of Arms The novitiate must defeat one member of the Esterealan sect and one member of the Soltanite sect in both sword and lance. Opponents are selected by the Council.

2) Test of Ethics Currently given by Forthe Solarian, Master Sage. An oral exam. The examiner asks the first set of questions and sprinkles others throughout the exam. The public is invited to attend (and many do!) and question the students. Those with disputes - political, philosophical, marital, financial, etc. - often take advantage of this forum to have their arguments settled for free. Master Solarian decides when the test is over; it has been known to last all day.

Students who pass the spend the night in prayer and fasting. The next day they are initiated in a large ceremony, after which there is a great feast. Paragons from across Hurva are invited to attend. No outsiders are admitted.

Upon graduating, new members are given a sword, armor, tabard and cape by the Order. The next two years they are required to defend the Academy and teach new students, or they are assigned to a church.

Promotions from The Pride of the Paragons to The Order of Enjolras

Decided by a 2/3 vote of council. Any member may nominate a Paragon for promotion at any meeting. Meetings are held once a year for two weeks during the test for new initiates. Council members who can not attend must nominate a proxy from within the Order to attend in their stead.

Those promoted are notified by messenger if not present at the Academy (as is usually the case). Members are requested to return at their convenience for a formal Elevation Ceremony, at which time they are given a signet ring.