Mage Sect Personalities

Donar Greylock

Donar of Torodin High Priest of Mage's Sect. Early forties. At 6'4", Donar is strong and powerfully built, with blond hair streaked gray, and green eyes. Though no less fond of his priests than Silvio, Donar tends to be more serious and reserved than his partner. Donar worries about the recklessness of many of the clerics, and it is he who, with the help of his imposing nature, maintains discipline in the temple. Feeling that his partner, Silvio, is too soft-hearted, it is Donar who metes out punishment and who steps in to mediate the infrequent internal conflicts within the temple. Whenever Donar becomes angry, he speaks softly, or is even silent. Where Silvio is a friend, Donar is more of a teacher and father figure to many of the priests, providing the stability and spiritual guidance that the temple needs. He encourages his clerics to indulge their curiosity and develop their intellects. Donar does not lack a sense of humor or love of fun, but in light of his partner's restless exuberance, he feels it is his duty to provide his priests with a sense of responsibility. In many ways, Silvio is the heart of the temple, while Donar is the glue that holds everything together. Unlike Silvio, Donar has not limited his friendships or his romantic liaisons to temple members, and includes many noted mages and scholars among his personal friends. But there is no doubt in anyone's mind that his loyalty to Strand's Shadows comes first. Donar is a scholar at heart, and teaching his priests is perhaps his greatest joy. He spares some of his limited time to research arcanology, of which he is a noted expert, and is often consulted by mages from all over Hurva.

Notable Members of the Mage's Sect (6 priests, 2 priestesses)**

In her early thirties, Erisa is tall and lovely, with long, red hair and green eyes. Raised by a wealthy merchant and his wizardess wife, Erisa is dignified and well-mannered. Pleasant and clever, she enjoys talk more than parties, and spends much of her free time researching ancient history. It has been speculated by many at the temple that Erisa will be assigned a shrine of her own some day soon. Erisa acts as Donar's chief assistant, and often helps him in the teaching of spellcraft and astrology.

In his late twenties, Freddy is tall and skinny, with brown eyes and blond hair. Freddy is the most intelligent of a group of priests who pride themselves on being clever. He is also the most arrogant, unpredictable and temperamental. His tolerant colleagues value him for his uncanny knack for numbers, and also for his kindness that the more charismatic and patient among them are able to bring out. Freddy is an excellent card player but he prefers chess, which he has taught to all of the other priests (his most common opponents are Rhal, Alec, Nikita and Donar). Freddy acts as the temple's accountant.

In his mid forties, Ruskin is gray-haired, quiet and even-tempered. He is an expert on spell-craft and the history of magic and mages. It is his duty and pleasure to aid Donar in providing advice and assistance to the area's mages and act as liaison with the College A'Magigo. Though neither charismatic nor well-spoken, Ruskin is much loved at the temple for his intelligence and his gentleness.

In her late twenties, Beka is a true bookworm, perhaps loving knowledge more than people. She enjoys the company and conversation of her fellow priests, but seldom parties with them and never pulls pranks. She maintains and runs the temple's library, and seldom leaves the temple grounds.

In his mid twenties, Salvador is big, bald and dark-skinned. He is handsome and very muscular. The child of two wizards from the Southlands, Salvador would have become a mage himself if Torodin had not intervened. Salvador enjoys manipulating and outwitting people, and he is the mage's sect's greatest prankster. He often assists with the temple services. Salvador enjoys the company of his fellow priests, but rather than cards and partying he prefers more athletic pleasures like sailing (he owns a small boat), swimming, and horseback riding. He also considers it a mark of pride to have picked up more women than any other priest at the temple.

** All duties subject to immediate reorganization in the event of vision-inspired missions. Leaves for adventuring, etc. are also provided for.