The Kingdom of Hurva

On behalf of our most wise and noble King Gerdant, I bid you welcome to the magnificent Kingdom of Hurva. Please feel free to explore at your leisure, providing of course that you obey the laws of the realm and contribute to Hurva´s excellent government with the appropriate fees and duties. All visitors are encouraged to register in our Office of Citizenship.

Questions which require a response should be addressed to myself and will be forwarded to the appropriate royal assistant, who will file the appropriate hand-written duplicate and triplicate copies with the royal record keepers, after which a reply shall be generated by means of royal courier. Please allow three days to three years for all responses. Please note that criminal prosecution and taxation will not be delayed while questions on such matters are being answered. Anyone complaining of negligence on the part of the royal government and officials thereof will be subject to additional fines and fees.

Enjoy your stay!

Aldos Quillmaster, Royal Scribe

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