Hurvan Timeline

This timeline reflects both commonly known events (amongst at least those with some knowledge of history) as well as some campaign specific events — especially in the more recent dates.

Hurvan Year
c. -75 A wall is constructed around a small fishing village to protect it from rampaging monsters and hordes of humanoids. Due to the new found safety, the village grows quickly as the peaceful, nomadic peoples of the area settle in or near the walls. Palk is an old barbarian word which means, ´wall of protection'. The village is here after known as Palk.
-17 A barbarian clan lord, Meleus Achea, begins a campaign to make the areas around the free city of Palk safe for travel and agriculture
1 Meleus Achea is proclaimed the first King of Hurva after ridding the lands around Palk of many fierce monsters and human, humanoid and demi-human aggressors.
c.20 The dwarven city of Reggis is founded on the Regilian River's delta around Quartzstaacht. The dwarves' quickly unify the entire Regilian and Tharn River valley's under one Theign. (Quartzstaacht is a group of standing stones that resemble stonehenge but are made out of rose-colored quartz.)
c. 25 The walled, free cities of Istur and Dalwa are founded.
27 King Meleus Achea takes control of two small fortified towns. The one, which would later come to be known as the Duchy of Pylum, was located in the fertile rolling hills several days to the south of Palk, the other, on the southern coast, was several hundred miles away. He gives out the first two Duke titles and paves the way for the absorption of the intermediate lands and the expansion of Hurva using local feudal lords to control the lands.
5/46 Crown Prince Arymachus, on the day his father was going to step down, was slain (petrified) at his celebratory banquet, by a medusa, who claimed to be the daughter of another medusa slain by Meleus some 50 years ago.
7/46 The First Great Hurvan Games: Meleus, at the instruction of Estereal, held a contest to find a warrior noble enough to slay the medusa and inherit the throne.
10/46 Anatius Boniventuri, winner of the First Great Hurvan Games and the slayer of the medusa, is crowned King by an aging King Meleus.
c. 85 Harati barbarians cross the Hurvatian Isthmus searching for veins of workable metals and gems.
c. 90-190 The men of the Kingdom of Istur and the elves of the high elven Kingdom of Suresanti wage a long, bloody war.
c. 150 The Hurvan city of Geston is founded at the confluence of the later to be renamed Couronne and Sceptre Rivers in the shadow of Mt. Moriah.
157 An earthquake, which swallowed much of the besieging army, helps prevent Dalwa from being over run by orcs.
175 Theign Ironfist begins a great expansion of the lands of the dwarven Kingdom of Fyard, subjugating many human lands. His kingdom's borders expand southward to touch the northern edge of the Kingdom of Istur within 30 years.
188 The great artist Narn dies
199 A Torodinite witch-hunt breaks out throughout the land. All the temples of Torodin were suddenly emptied because they foresaw the persecution of their priests. Many temples razed, especially in outlying areas. Hundreds of priests and accused priests were caught & burned to death. The witch-hunt lasted 13 years. Soltanites led a campaign to stop it and eventually succeeded, with the help of the Archbishop at the time. Torodinites slowly returned to their temples, but a few burned out shrines remain here & there
225 A highly outnumbered Fyardian army overwhelms an Isturian border fortification marking the beginning of the Dwarven War.
242 Sir Enjolras founds the Order of Paragons
285 Facing hostile dwarves to the north and elves to the south, the Kingdom of Istur petitions for protection from the Hurvans. The agreement is made, and the Isturians fly the Hurvan banner above their own.
286 The Hurvans sign a peace treaty with the Suresanti elves that declares joint ownership of lands and rivers between Geston and Istur. Part of that treaty includes that the newly acquired Hurvan lands would bear a name incorporating the two languages. Thus, the barony of Suress was formed and the Duchy of Istur named its capital.
290 To distinguish the King's lands from those of the newly annexed Barony of Suress, the Barony of Gessel was founded.
292 Hurvans and Harati forces clash for the first time after several small Hurvan fishing communities were plundered and razed.
292-303 First Hurvan-Harati War
299 A tribe of vicious barbarians, known as The Durs, sack the city of Dalwa. They kill every male Dalwan and take all of the women and children as their own. As there were more spoils than could be carted off, many of the Durs remain in the city. Their chieftain, Krar the Bastard, is regarded by historians as the first king of Durid.
c. 300-400 Igarian period of art. Pieces featured animals and nature themes. Late Igarian period sculptures are highly prized as masterpieces.
349 Paragons first allowed to display their churches colors alongside the orders.
380 The Harati establish the defensive city of GennGarri (which eventually renamed by the Hurvans as Ft. Kalohar) to prevent being pushed any further north by the Hurvan forces.
457 The Oracle of Meda at Pylum speaks for the first time.
480 A secret brotherhood of mages, The Affiliates Amagigo, construct a tower at the mouth of the Sunbolode River. They bring many craftsman and workers to the remote area. The newly founded city of Tonn quickly becomes one of the largest cities on the continent as the great wealth the mages are spending to construct their city creates a gold rush. Within a year they apply for admission to Hurva as a new Barony. They are granted all of the lands north of Valsar and east of the Kingdom of Fyard and all of the islands off of the coast of those lands. Thus the Barony of Tonn's Land (which was soon renamed Tolon) was founded.
500(?) It was sometime around the Hurvan Quincentenniel that Jvard penned the oral tradition of the Jveltoan priesthood, along with a series of letters that has come to be known as The Book of Jvard.
520 Ghant University founded.
541 Celestia Soulshadow, famous archmage, is killed.
557 Though it didn't lead to an all out war, a large Harati war party sacks and burns Palk. They load up their longboats with the spoils of victory and leave as quickly as they arrived. Shortly thereafter, the King's Palace and the capital are moved to Geston.
675 Royal Hurvan Army General Cornelius Valsar is told that if he can take GennGarri from the Harati, he will be given the title and lands of a baron. Within fifteen years, he not only captured GennGarri, he drove the Harati back across the Hurvatian Isthmus. Thus the barony of Valsar was established, with the rechristened city of Ft. Kalohar its capital.
675-696 Second Hurvan-Harati War
680 The Cathedral of The One is consecrated after over 85 years of construction. It remains to this day one of the architectural wonders of the world.
782 First female paladins allowed to become Paragons
819 The Kingdom of Durid, under constant attack form orcs, barbarians and pirates, petitions for Hurvan protection. The condition is to become a barony of Hurva. Thus the barony of Durid is founded, with Dalwa its capital.
772-829 Third Hurvan-Harati War
781 Despite heated protests from the city of Palk, The Oracle of Torodin is moved from Palk to The Tower of Mysteries in Tonn. This created a breach between the shrine in Palk and the rest of the church of Torodin that continues to the present day. The city residents of Palk remain resentful towards residents of Tonn and visiting priests of Torodin.
820 The fall of Ft. Kalohar. Harati longboats catapult flaming oil onto the city for nearly a month and ground forces succeed in breaching the walls. No Hurvan men were left alive.
851 Paragons officially faction into two sects; Esterealean & Soltanian.
859 King Bjeorngeld's coronation
854-912 Fourth Hurvan-Harati War, aka the War of Annexation
865 Royal Mage, Valedyr is slain in a battle of the War of Annexation; his apprentice, Chadranther steals a great number of magical treasures out of the royal vaults.
868 The Barony of Fyd is established through treaty with the dwarven theign. This is in part forced by the increasing human population of Fyard and in particular, Reggis. One of the clauses states that a dwarf will always be the Theign (Duke) of Reggis and the dwarven people will be semiautonomous.
875 With the aid of dwarven siege engines, the Hurvans recapture Ft. Kalohar. By the end of the War of Annexation, the Harati would once again be driven back across the Hurvatian Isthmus.
980 Dungeoneer's Salvaging Act becomes law.
981 Duke Verone of Istur is murdered. Crime rate begins to rise dramatically there. No clues to the identity of the assassin were found; the case remains a mystery to this day.
991 King Calin Werax's coronation. First king from House Werax.
993 King Calin II's coronation
1002-1006 A plague sweeps through Gessel and Suress, many humans and dwarves die; elves seem unaffected.
1038 Days of Disgrace - Paragons attempt to assassinate the crown prince.
1039 King Coyle's coronation.
1042 The Red Plague of Pylum sweeps through southeastern Gessel. The greatest devastation occurs in the Duchy of Pylum, including killing the Oracle of Meda at Pylum and most of the shrine's priests. The city of Palk is quarantined for over a year.
1043 Archbishop Matthîas assassinated by summoned demons of unknown origin after only two years of service. Kalros of Estereal ordained as Archbishop.
1051 King Garrett's coronation
1064 Nigel MacKenzie, enter Firestorm Peak
10/1066 Rhavin Harkness is born to Darius & Aarilyn Harkness
1074 5th Hurvan-Harati War begins. For the first time, war is fought on the Harati side of the Isthmus, though quite a few small Hurvan fishing villages have been razed in raids.
1075 King Gerdant's coronation
1076 Great Hurvan Games won by Galion, son of Baroness Gelia of Suress.
1080 Queen Marie-Noëlle dies during the birth of Prince Bordett
12/82 Campaign began
1086 Great Hurvan Games won by Lisha Shadowborn
9/86 Crown prince Garrett is killed in battle with the Harati
11/86 Alanna opens The Oasis in Istur
10/1090 ´Trial of the Century' - Paragon Rhavin Harkness tried for treason for withholding items he claims for the church.
11/1090 Crown Prince Coyle is killed by giants on the road from Ft. Kalohar. King Gerdant names Lord Saladar as the Baron Pro Tempore until Gerdant's youngest son, Prince Bordett is of age. The king also has a daughter, Princess Juril, who is of age, but in the tradition of Hurvan law, he has the right to bypass female heirs when determining order of succession.
1091 Current Campaign Date