Hurvan Creation Myth

In a time before man, before the ground and sky, there were two great beings, Sunube and Akodi. Their love for each other was as great as their powers and the courtship they had lasted thousands of ages. As a gift to his beloved, Sunube created the world. He gave Akodi a great loom to weave into being anything she wanted to place on the world. Akodi wove all sorts of wonders - grasses, trees, flowers, the fish of the waters and the beasts of the land. But by far her favorite were the birds of the sky. They could soar through her fingers and ride on her breath.

While Akodi was enjoying her gifts, Sunube was hard at work helping her. He created the sun so that she could better see her creation as he finished shaping the world. Carving rivers, pushing up tall mountains, filling the oceans, so that his gift would be as perfect as possible.

The love between Sunube and Akodi was indeed great, for from it came forth eight offspring. Estereal & Azkal (The Twins), Wajen, Othniel, Jvelto, Athelstan, Soltana and Torodin. As a gift to entertain their children, Sunube and Akodi created mankind (and demi-mankind) in the image of their children. They imbued man with intelligence, immortality and the power to work some of the great magics of the gods. Each of the children was fascinated with different aspects of the world and man, so, over time, Sunube and Akodi relinquished their powers in these areas, giving them to their children.

Weary after so many eons of existence, they placed Estereal, the Firstborn of the Firstborn, in charge of their prodigy, and they went to sleep. Sunube sank into the world (and can be felt whenever he rolls over or snores!) and Akodi dissolved into the winds, to forever caress her beloved and to feel her beautiful birds streaking through her.

The Great Jihad

With the ever watchful eye of their parents gone, it did not take long for the others to challenge Estereal´s power. Soltana, whom Estereal had designs on to be his bride, to form another great dynasty like their parents, was kidnapped by Azkal, Athelstan and Othniel. Nothing more was supposed to happen -- they would release her, untouched, as soon as Estereal relinquished his rulership and they could all be equals once again. But, unbeknownst to the others, while Soltana was bound by the powers of Azkal, Athelstan forced himself upon the goddess (the progeny of this were the first of the Lessers, Reeba and Raaba).

Enraged at the defilement of his love and charge, coupled with the indignant assault to his supreme authority, Estereal banished his twin, Othniel and Athelstan from the heavens, using his new-found power as ´The One´ to cast them into the great pits of Hell and the Abyss. Fearing that their brother would seek further restitution, the three fallen gods created vast armies of demons and devils to help defend themselves.

Athelstan and Othniel sought revenge against Estereal. They decided to destroy all that was good and pure in the world, to take away that which was entrusted to and beloved by their eldest brother. First, they gave special powers to men who hardened their hearts to Estereal and all that was good. They cajoled Torodin to steal man´s immortality. Then they threatened Jvelto until he made the seas treacherous and made the heavens crash down great rains, snows and hail. Next, after a series of lies to Wajen, conniving her to let humanoids breed faster, they gave the humanoids, the orcs, giants and many other races, both intelligence (what they could) and a heart that was dark with evil. Lastly they caused to spring forth all sorts of foul abominations of life, though none so terrible as their ´masterpiece´, the Fiends.

Whenever Azkal learned of their plotting, he went to his twin, begging forgiveness and offering to help. Ashamed of their ignorance (and fearing more deceit), Jvelto, Wajen and Torodin pleaded with The One to not allow him to return. But when Soltana forgave him for what he and the others had done, Estereal could not help but to have mercy on his twin brother. As a gift to his redeemers, Azkal taught man the ways of fire and those necessary evils of war and self-defense. There followed the Great Jihad, which saw the forces of good and evil wage war across the face of Sunube. Huge armies and powerful wizards, human and others, lay waste to vast tracts of land. Much of the world was no longer inhabitable - great deserts, barren tundra, blackened husks where great forests stood and whole continents submerged beneath the waters. Less than one man in five hundred was left alive, but the forces of evil suffered far greater losses. But Athelstan and Othniel were able to hide away the last of their twisted creation in the deepest caves, the densest forests, the ruins of desolate cities, under wave of sand or water, on the highest mountains and in the harsh arctic, so that they could continue to challenge good and perhaps one day, even wage another great war.

The Origins of Magic

Meanwhile, never wanting mankind to be revisited with such great tragedy, Estereal instructed Torodin and Soltana to take away all magic from the world. Torodin did as he was told by The One, but also caused Soltana to have a dream in which she foresaw the days when man would need magic to survive once again. After they had done all they were able, (for the powers that Athelstan and Othniel gave to men they could not take away) Soltana braided her chestnut tresses, cut off the braid and immersed and tempered it in a well fed by Sunube´s tears shed from feeling what had transpired in the world. Thus hardened, it was imbued with great powers. She then penned a scroll explaining how mortals could access the sources of magic without the gods help. She then gave the staff of magic and the scroll to a young scribe named Tonn.

When Estereal found out, he was infuriated. He told Soltana to craft him a great timepiece. He took this timepiece and placed it where the Void and the Force touched the world. He then set it so that the amount of power that reached the world, not through the gods, would wax and wane throughout all of time.

Estereal then forbade the Firstborn to directly meddle in the affairs of mortals on Sunube. But to counter Athelstan and Othniel, he gave the ability to grant powers to mortals in spheres which were held precious to them and were also held in the highest regard by those who would receive them. This he gave to all the Firstborn and to their offspring.