Holidays of the Churches of Hurva

This is a fairly complete list of all of the days which are holy to each of the major churches of the kingdom. Of course, there are many, many very minor and regional holidays (especially of the Esterealean faith!) which you will not find listed here. You will find descriptions of how each is observed under the respective listings of each deity in the clerics section.

If you are not truly devout and are only seeking information on the major holidays in which most all people take place (usually with great feasting), then you should visit the overview of our Kingdom, specifically the list of major holidays.

The Festival of Estereal
Day One: Azkal
Day Two: Wajen
Day Three: Jvelto
Day Four: Soltana
Day Five: Torodin

9 - The Conquering of Soltana (Athelstan)

1 - Amayeta´s Day (Soltana)
14- Day of Redemption (Estereal, Soltana, Azkal)
14 - Day of Betrayal (Athelstan)

2 - Love´s Day (Soltana)
20-Promise Day (Wajen, farmers)

2 - Tonn´s Day (Soltana & Torodin)
4 - Feast of Magic (Torodin - mage´s sect)
13 - Festival of Fools (Torodin)
13 - The Night of Pain (Athelstan)

1-Well-Watered Day (Jvelto / public domain)
17 - The Festival of Roses (Soltana)

22- Summer Solstice (all for Estereal)
26 - The Festival of the Great Jihad (all churches)
27 - Remiére´s Night (Torodin- thieve´s sect)

5 - Saint Ambrose´s Day (Wajen)
7 - Victory Day (Estereal, Soltana, Jvelto, Azkal, Torodin, Dagon)
19 - King Gerdant´s Birthday

2- Joining Day (Estereal & Soltana, participation from others)
9 - Memorial Day (Jvelto)
12 - Festival of Fire (Azkal)
19 - Day of Cleansing (Soltana)

3 - Harmony Day (Soltana)
15 - Tonn´s Day (Torodin & Soltana)
22 - Seven Souls Day (Jvelto)

3 - Day of Leadership (Estereal)
13 - The Holy Night of the Masters (Othniel & Athelstan)
28 - Wajen´s Day

4 - The Night of Bought Souls (Othniel)
17 - Savior´s Day (Torodin & Azkal)
27 - The Day of the Solemn Oath (Soltana)

12 - Winter Solstice (Wajen)
26 - Day of The Dead (Estereal w/ participation from others, Azkal, Jvelto)
26 - Day of The Dead (Othniel)

Holidays with variable dates:
Festival of Spawning (Jvelto)
Return of the Whales (Jvelto)
Nights of Dreaming, 4/year (Torodin)