Jvard's First Letter On The Oceanlord's Whims

The Changing of Powers

Beloved of Jvelto,

Perhaps your elder priests have regaled you with tales of casting spells which sound strange to you. Perhaps you dismissed these tales as fish stories, or imagined that your elders could no longer hold their ale. Although the elder clerics are not above spinning fanciful yarns for their own amusement, if not for yours, mark you well when they speak of changes in the gifts Jvelto bestows over time. Indeed, the Oceanlord's disciples have not always been blessed with the same capacities, and the order of Jvelto generations hence will not entirely resemble us as we are today.

As ale and mischief are such natural companions, so too are Jvelto and Torodin. The jovial pair delight in carousing together, but when the two discuss their followers' respective abilities over a jar of divine ale, they often devise certain changes for their clerics. Often, the result is a series of new spells for the loyal followers; however, many of these spells disappear as abruptly as they appeared, for while Estereal tolerates these drunken brainstorms by his younger brothers, he reserves the right to withdraw spells he feels are inappropriate or too powerful for mortals. Perhaps the most famous (and short-lived) of these spells was the "Conjure Luscious Sea Nymphs" spell, although Estereal's reason for denial of this (mostly) harmless spell is not well-understood by many among us even many years later.

I remember well the visitation in a dream which gave me to know our powers had altered. Jvelto and Torodin, arm in arm, staggered through a white ocean mist with tankards held high. Even in their state of intoxication, the two were an awesome sight to behold. When they had come so close as to have my sleeping form at their feet, they began to sing about the new spells we and our brethren in the Church of Torodin were to receive after our morning prayers. I awoke at sunrise to find that my vision was shared by disciples of Jvelto and Torodin alike, for many followers of Torodin had come to join us on the beach for our morning devotions, driven by their natural curiosity to observe how the new divine gifts of both orders manifested. As is their custom, they all had awakened immediately following the collective dream (Torodinites seem to be lighter sleepers than Jveltoans) and had already discussed its significance among themselves for hours (none among us can understand how they can stand so much dry analysis).

Followers of the Oceanlord, however, reacted by promptly trying to cast everything promised to us by Jvelto. In truth, there was so much commotion that fishing was poor that day, and eventually the frustrated fishermen came ashore to observe the spectacle of so much spellcasting and loud singing of hymns occurring simultaneously. By midday, there was a carnival atmosphere, with hundreds of spectators drawn from their daily chores to the beach, where shadows danced, and sea creatures, even the ocean itself, were seen to do many peculiar things. The moral for you, my young brethren, is that we must rejoice in changes in our powers, for change helps us to appreciate them properly, and change also reflects the continued interest of the Oceanlord in us, his school of clerics.

With this in your minds, may your salmon run strong and your wine never sour,