Ulf (Ulfie)
Hurvan Shepherd

Ulf -  all grown up
Intelligence 9
Loyalty 8
Aggressiveness 6
Strength 7
Ulf's fig
Movement: 15
HP: 9
AC: 7
THAC0: 19
Damage: d4


Alanna (Istur)
Temmer (Istur)
Hassan (Istur)
Heronius (Istur)
Ekeré Fraser (Tonn)
Julian (Tonn)

(from Dragon Magazine #237)
House Skills
Resist Instinct
Trick/Run & Hide


With this command, the dog remains close to its master. Unless ordered to remain alongside the master´s leg, the dog will remain within a 3-5´ radius of its master.
House Skills
This training modifies the dog´s behavior so that it is a compatible living companion. It corrects problems such as housesoiling, excessive barking, and other destructive behavior. note that without these skills, the dog will not be allowed in most establishments. Furthermore, this ensures the animal interacts civilly with strangers regardless of standard animal behavior.
Resist Instinct
In training for resist instinct, the dog learns to trust its master fully. The dog´s response overrides its instinctual urges and fears. When the DM calls for a resist instinct check, a d12 is rolled. The die roll is then compared with the dog´s Loyalty Trait. If the result is equal to or less than the dog´s loyalty, the dog passes the check and behaves as desired. A natural "1" is always successful; a natural "12" always fails. Animals who haven´t been trained in resist instinct must make these check, though at a -5 penalty. Resist instinct checks should be made any time a dog must perform an action against its nature. Note also that resist instinct checks replace Morale checks for domesticated dogs only.
The dog´s natural urge to bark and howl can be repressed temporarily with this command. The dog, when excited, still emits a low growl or quiet whine. This skill is especially useful when master and dog are setting an ambush or laying low. Note that this command may be used in conjunction with other commands. An example of this would be silent alarm; the dog only whines and growls instead of barking upon detection or intruders.
The dog remains where is is until recalled by its master. Should something distracting occur nearby, the dog must pass a resist instinct check to remain in place. The maximum time limit for the dog to remain in place is one hour. After that, the animal reacts according to its normal behavior (DM´s discretion)
The dog, upon finding a scent, may track the creature leaving the trail. Treat this skill in the same manner as the Tracking non-weapon proficiency. If the scent is lost, the dog must make an intelligence Trait check to regain the scent.
Trick/Run & Stay
The dog runs away and hides out of site of the master until recalled with a specific whistle. This is a version of improved stay (max time limit is six hours, Resist Instinct checks to ignore distractions made at +2) with the added trick of running out of sight of the master.