Dual Class Thief/Mage

STR 15* Stamina 15, Muscle 15
DEX 16 Aim 16, Balance 16
CON 13* Health 13, Fitness 13
INT 17 Reason 17, Knowledge 17
WIS 12 Intuition 12, Willpower 12
CHA 14 Leadership 14, Appearance 14

Level: 3/10   |   Alignment: CG   |   Hit points: 32
Portrait of Canliss

*Strength and Constitution were both increased by one from their original scores by Dr. Mordenheim

Short Sword, Dagger, Staff
Hurvan, Thief's Cant, Sailor's Slang, Orienteering, Reading/Writing (Hurvan), Prestidigitation, Herbalism, Appraising, Swimming, Looting, Seamanship, Healing.


Useful: Chill, Clean, Color, Dampen, Dry, Dust, Exterminate, Freshen, Gather, Polish, Shine, Sprout, Stitch, Sweeten, Tie, Warm, Wrap;
Reversed:Dusty, Knot, Hairy, Spill;
Legerdemain: Distract, Mute, Palm;
Person Affecting:Cough, Wink, Yawn;
Personal: Bee, Bluelight, Firefinger, Gnats, Smokepuff, Spider, Tweak, Unlock;
Haunting:Creak, Tap, Rattle.

First Level
Canliss' Sleeping Missile, Identify, Grease, Magic Missile, Gaze Reflection, Read Magic, Tenser's Floating Disk, Lasting Breath, Audible Glamour, Murdock's Feathery Flyer

Second Level
Taunt, Knock, Invisibility, Rope Trick, Whispering Wind, Stinking Cloud, Misdirection

Third Level
Melf's Minute Meteors, Alamir's Fundamental Breakdown

Fourth Level
Polymorph Self, Turn Pebble to Boulder

Fifth Level
None Learned Yet.

Magical Equipment:

Wand of Wonder
This is Canliss' favorite magic item, but for some reason none of his friends are too fond of it. You aim it into the middle of melee combat one time and everyone gets paranoid. Ok, so the next round it produced a fireball but still....
It has nine charges remaining.

Dagger +2
This is a finely crafted, plain dagger. Canliss gave it to Nikita.

Stone with Continual Darkness cast on it.
Nikita gave this to Canliss in return for a promise not to steal or damage a statue which she gave to Rhavin. He carries it in a small pouch.

Udram's Staff
This plain staff is shod with copper at both ends. Expending one charge will cause one of two effects. If the first command word is used, then the bearer will be given 10% magic resistance, and (if a mage) will be able to cast spells as if s/he were three levels higher (with respect to damage and duration- no new spells are granted). Saving throws are made as if the wielder was a mage of three levels higher than the wielder's actual level. If the second command is spoken, then the wielder can make twice his/her normal number of attacks with the staff per round, at +3 to hit. Saving throws are then made as if the wielder were a fighter of three levels higher. Each of these effects lasts three rounds, and cannot be used at the same time. This staff cannot be used more than three times per day. Eight charges remain. This staff can be recharged.

The Thief's Lament
This is a finely crafted gold ring. Unfortnately it is cursed to affect theifs. Any time a thief is wearing the ring and comes within 10 feet of a lock the lock magically locks itself. It doesn't affect the chances of unlocking a lock, but the lock locks itself immediately forcing an initiative roll to see if the theif can open the door before the lock is locked again. It can only be removed by having a priest of Estereal cast a Remove Curse spell.

Wand of Subdual
This is a plain wand made of sycamore wood. It is a +2 weapon. When the wand is waved at a target a beam of light shoots out up to 30'. It needs a to hit roll. It does 1d6 points of subdual damage if it hits it's target. If the target is hit and fails a save the target is stunned for 1d4 rounds. It has 19 charges remaining.

Ever-hot Lava Rock
When a spellcaster uses this pumice stone as an additional component for an elemental fire spell, the spell is more powerful. The spellcaster has the option of doubling the duration (for spells like flame blade) or intensity (for spells like heat metal) of the spell. Three uses left, as a bit crumbles to dust with each use.


2 - 100 GP Pearls
5 - Precious Stones
400 GP Gem
500 GP Gem
2000 GP Pink Diamond

120 GP Moonstone on Silver Chain
4000 GP worth of gems from a damaged brooch. The metal was disintegrated by acid.
Plain necklace made from Nephilium, a clear metal. Canliss traded 3000 GP worth of loose gems for it after he appraised it at 5000 GP.

Other Valuables
Empty Traveling Spell Book with all of the materials needed to scribe 50 pages


Canliss is of medium build. He has brown hair, brown eyes and fair skin. He dresses in very expensive, subdued clothing. His clothing is worth more than Rhavin's armor. When you meet him your eyes are immediately drawn to his hands. Dr. Mordenheim grew him a new body without bothering to ask and gave him 6 fingers on each hand instead of the normal 5. This has had a negative impact on his career as an entertainer.


Secretive, generous, and cheerful. Canliss is a very happy go lucky person. He is very brave and never hesitates to throw himself headlong into danger, usually by leaving everyone else and attacking his opponents from behind.

Canliss is usually the only person in the party that has any money at all. Everyone else tends to spend what little treasure Canliss allows them to find quickly, leaving him to pay for everything from fines for high treason and legal fees resulting from trials, to spellcasting dues to the Affiliates Amagigo.


Canliss is an orphan. He was born in the port city of Istur in the Barony of Suress a little over 20 years ago. He was found as an abandoned toddler by the head of the beggar's guild who quickly took him under his wing and trained him and used him to coax more money out of the suckers who traveled through town. When he grew a bit older, Raeffello, a member of The Organization traded a very unpromising young thief to the beggar's guild for him after noticing his natural quickness. He was trained and he started to work for the guild.

Colm, an old hedge wizard, noticed the youngster practicing sleight-of-hand magic tricks in the slums of Istur to entertain the younger children who were hanging around. He offered to teach him the real thing.

Canliss jumped at the opportunity to learn the real thing and proved to be an apt pupil. His studies were held up a little bit by the need to participate in activities of The Organization. After all, he didn't dare let Raeffello or any of the guildmasters know that he was no longer planning on being a thief for the rest of his life. He attained a remarkable amount of skill as a thief before his magical excursions came to Raeffello's attention. Needless to say he was NOT happy about this turn of events.

Raeffello would have beat him to within an inch of his life, except for the fact that he was now a practicing mage, and he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was much more valuable to the guild as a mage than as a thief. He knew how to detect magic by then and he looked at a necklace that had just been appraised at 100 gold and said, "That's magical." This started him upon a new career within the guild. He became one of the guild's mages, which he is to this day. Over the years he has gotten much better at his magical skills.

Before his recent adventures, a current "typical" day started at 6 in the evening when he woke up. He lives in a neighborhood tavern near the docks. He would go downstairs and eat his breakfast. He then performed simple "magical" tricks until midnight, augmented on occasion by cantrips, to pay for his lodging and supper. He then went to the Raeffello's headquarters and earned his keep with The Organization. His duties included casting invisibility on thieves (and other spells to augment their thieving abilities), detecting for magic on anything that they brought back in, trying to Identify any magical items that the guild obtains, and help with the entertainment at some of the local taverns owned by The Organization. In return for this work the guild pays him and pays for any magical research that he does within reason. The first spell that the guild paid for him to research was the spell Identify, for obvious reasons. Canliss routinely gives most of what he gets paid by the Organization to the street urchins who prowl the slums. He was once one himself and he helps them out however he can. That is why he performs in exchange for room and board. He doesn't keep enough money to pay for his room otherwise.

The hedge wizard who trained him died when he was 16, and left him everything he had. He sold Colm's hovel with all of its contents, except for the spellbook, (with nothing higher than second level spell in it) for 10 gold and considered himself lucky to have swindled the buyer out of that much money.

Canliss is unable to learn the following spells: Scare, Tongues, Suggestion, Feign Death.

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