Sister Jvennika Weatherbird
Priestess of Jvelto, Lord of the Sea



















  Level: 9    |    Alignment: CG    |    Hit points: 46

Admirable Traits:

fun-loving and jovial, dedicated to her work as a priestess

Negative Traits:

totally irrational when angry (struggles to control temper); somewhat close-minded regarding magical or unusual phenomena (other than own spells)


nothing (almost!--see letters to Jveddek from aboard the ship)

Sense of Humor:

very broad, frequently bawdy; esp. enjoys quips, wisecracks.


not being able to return to Istur or being punished if she is able to return


alcohol, men, teachings of Jvard

Favorite Past-time:

fishing with Jveddek, drinking

Favorite Place:

Barnacle Joe's

Most Admired:


Most Loved:

"What the hell kind of question is that?" (Jveltoans are not encouraged to discuss gooey sentiment)

Greatest Achievement:

winning the respect of her fellow priests at Ebb Tide

Greatest Regret:

fateful bet putting her in current situation as an adventurer

Personal Goals:

return to Istur; help exonerate her friends with the Church

Favorite Sayings/Pet words:

"Ew." (see below)
assorted expletives (hangs out with sailors)


Easily disgusted
Not especially ladylike despite basic good manners


Climate Sense

Cutlass, Spear, Net (attack as warrior priest)

Boat Piloting, Drinking, Fishing, Navigation, Observation, Read/Write Common, Relic-Craft, Religion, Rope Use, Swimming, Tavern Tricks

+2 on saving throws vs. cold or water related; +2 vs. mental attacks; 5% xp bonus; warrior's THAC0
For other cleric abilities, see information on priests of Jvelto.


Jvennika's flame-red hair is her most distinguishing physical characteristic: she wears it long and loose, until recently using a kerchief tied pirate-style to keep it out of her brilliant, green eyes—she lacks the patience to do much else with it. Most of the 120 lbs attached to her 5’2” frame is lean muscle, although it is not especially well-defined.  Jven is not picky about mode of dress, although she does prefer Jvelto’s colors (white, green, blue) when given a choice.


Although she has developed a sharp tongue from years of communing with sailors and bartenders, that same background makes her quick to develop camaraderie with others she perceives as friends.
Her sarcasm does get her into trouble from time to time, particularly in those rare instances when she exceeds her considerable tolerance for ale. Years of bar brawls have made her quite comfortable with combat—with humans, that is.  The crusty, rough-and-tumble demeanor she assumes is actually fairly ladylike for a disciple of Jvelto, and some of her brethren would accuse her of being a bookish bore (she's actually read all of the Book of Jvard...very unusual).
Jvennika’s temper is the reason she was forced on the party.  A few weeks after the writing of the letter presenting her to Ebb Tide’s high priest (see below), she made an ill-fated wager with a mysterious stranger who insulted her.  If she won, she was to have a charm she seemed to recognize, but if she lost, she was to leave Istur and face certain death with an adventuring party.  The stranger cheated, but before Jven could protest, she was transported hundreds of miles inland to the campsite of her present companions.
Since joining this campaign, Jven has been somewhat irritable, as she has been dumped much further inland than she ever wished to go (see Nikita's journal for an account of Jven's introduction to the party).  She does find some comfort in the presence of another cleric, Nikita, among her new friends.

A letter presenting Jvennika to the head of Ebb Tide
a few weeks before her abduction:

To: Jvothgar Silverscale, Ebb Tide Temple, Istur
From: Jvostollo Borcello, Well-by-the-Sea Temple, Crabbing Cove

Dear Jvothgar,

I thank you for your recent gift of several fine casks of port to our humble temple and your letter regarding the unusual occurrences in Istur. I have been away from my urban home for too long, alas, for I had no idea that the Esterealan temple construction had been plagued by problems of any sort—all of the merchants who have passed on our roads have chattered endlessly about that trial and some supposed scandal with the paladin and the Torodinite.  You don’t suppose there’s any truth to that nonsense, do you?

Well, to the business of this letter then.  The young lady I have sent to you is Jvennika Weatherbird, born to Mirth Weatherbird some twenty-four years ago.  Given her mother’s reputation as a “barmaid”, you will not be surprised, then, that the girl’s father (and, indeed, the parentage of her two brothers) is unknown.  Neither will you be surprised, then, that the girl’s uncertain and tawdry lineage is a sore subject with her.

Despite the circumstances of her birth, Sister Jvennika has some desire to remain close to her family, such as it is.  Therefore, she has requested a return to service in Istur, as her elder brother, Gwir Weatherbird, has recently settled in Istur with a wife and several children, along with Mirth Weatherbird herself.

As you may know, Jvennika was enrolled in Ebb Tide’s temple school from age ten to about eighteen, when she took her final vows and was sent into my care here at Well-by-the-Sea.  All that was under your predecessor’s guidance, of course.  Her mother tells a wild story about the Oceanlord choosing Jvennika for service by smacking the child on the head with a falling kite.  Utter bunk, naturally, although Jvennika does recall some sort of incident with a kite shortly before her enrollment at Ebb Tide.  I wouldn’t bring it up if I were you.

You will find Sister Jvennika a dedicated servant to the Oceanlord, friendly and cheerful in most circumstances.  She has a good formal knowledge of Jvard’s teachings, but you will find her intuitive grasp of his intent more impressive, perhaps.  She also has been blessed with an uncanny understanding of local weather conditions, and for this talent as well as her general good cheer we are sorry to lose her.

And now, some words of caution regarding this young lady.  First, you will be interested to know that she was Jveddek’s little pet during her schooling at Ebb Tide, and the two have maintained an active correspondence over the last six years.  If I had anticipated her request to return to Ebb Tide, I might have done you the favor of discouraging her from writing him.  Although you say he has not overtly challenged your authority, Jvennika would undoubtedly support him if he ever chose to do so—she has not said as much, of course, but she speaks of him with highest regard.  Second, you should know that Jvennika’s temper, while seldom seen, is entirely irrational when inspired.  The few times I have had to discipline the girl have stemmed directly from her unwillingness to rein in her anger.  Mark this, Jvothgar: her temper will get her into trouble.  Finally, I recommend that you keep her out of the kitchen—she has a disastrous effect on any recipe with the misfortune to fall under her tiny shadow.

All that said, I commend Sister Jvennika into your care, and trust that she will not fail to please you.  Be well, and go with the wind at your back.