Rhavin Darius Harkness

Paragon and Paladin of Estereal

STR 17 Stamina:16, Muscle:18/86
DEX 9 Aim:8, Balance:16*
CON 10 Health:10, Fitness:10
INT 12 Reason:11, Knowledge:13
WIS 13 Intuition:11, Willpower:15
CHA 17 Leadership:16, Appearance:18
 Level: 9   Alignment: LG   Hit points: 62
Rhavin w/ grandfather's
shield in b/g

*Balanced was increased 6 points by Dr. Mordenheim
Endurance: 10, Heraldry: 8, R/W Common: 11, Swimming: 12, Religion: 10, Riding: 11, Observation: 12, Etiquette: 11
Medium Sword Group, Weapon & Shield Style, Heavy Lance, Weapon of Choice: Long Sword
Detect Evil 60', Protection from Evil, +2 Saving Throw Bonus, Lay On Hands (2 hp*level/day), Disease Immunity, Cure Disease (2/wk), +1 Poison Resistance, Turn Undead, +1 Attack Bonus and Estereal's Granted Blessings

Items: With the lost of his holy symbol, these abilities can not be performed.

Estereal's Granted Blessings:

Estereal's Light (3 times/day)
With this ability Rhavin can call upon a divine light (equivalent to a single torch) which centers about himself. This light has the ability to activate itself, when Rhavin is in the presence of extreme evil. This light can also be used to rally his compatriots in battle. When Rhavin calls upon Estereal's blessings before a battle this ability grants a +1 to hit evil creatures (a la Bless). Recipients of this bonus must be able to see and hear Rhavin when his pray is uttered.

The Gift of Cleanliness
This ability is much like the clean and polish cantrips, except that it is always under effect. Rhavin's shield, helm, armor, and swords are always shining and his clothes clean and wrinkle free. These articles get dirty as normal, but upon leaving a filthy/muddy environment, his personal effects become clean in 2d4 minutes. As long as Rhavin continues to walk the path of Truth and Justice he will be blessed with this special gift.

Magical Equipment:

Whitefall's Blade
Given to Rhavin by Master Sister Lady Mikaela Whitefall, a member of the 'Council of Nine' the ruling body of the Order of Paragons. The blade is finely balanced, though made of softer metals than are usually used in weaponsmithing. It was crafted by the renown Renard Balto, Grandsmith of Palk as a gift to Master Whitefall's late husband. The blade is engraved with the Whitefall crest and set in its pommel is an exquisite emerald, Lady Whitefall's birthstone.

With the completion of Holy Father Kalros' mission the blade, along with Lady Whitefall's brace and scarf are secured in Kariya's chest.
Mikaela's Magical Brace
This embossed leather magical device grants the shield-bearing wearer a +4 bonus to AC and physical based saving throws once per day. Upon activation, it causes any shield carried on the same arm as the brace is worn to glow red with magical energies. Its power lasts until the current combat is over or for one turn if the wearer is not engaged in combat.
Blessed Scarf of Mikaela
This snow white scarf was a gift from Master Whitefall. It symbolizes Rhavin as her Champion and was blessed by the Holy Father - Archbishop Kalros. Although it does not radiate magic, it has the effect of increasing Rhavin's good fortune. (It increases his luck point total.)
Soltana's Rose of Mercy
Appearing as a silver pendant of a rose bud on a simple silver chain, there are at least two ways to use this item, both of which act to restore a dead wearer to life and full hit points with no constitution losses. The first way is that it must be worn continuously for at least a week before the moment of death in order to attune it to the lifeforce of the wearer. At the moment he is slain (-health stat), he is instantly restored to full hit points and is ready to keep fighting! The amulet shatters and disintegrates immediately afterwards.

The second way is to place the amulet around the neck of a dead body (subject to restrictions of the resurrection spell), and it will restore the subject to full hit points --- so long as the person continues to wear the amulet. This takes one hour. If the amulet is removed for any reason, the person immediately returns to the (dead!) condition they were in before the resurrection took effect. This amulet may be used any number of times on any number of people, but can only affect a single person at any given time. If a person who has been slain and is being kept alive by the amulet is slain a second time, some other magic must be used to return him to life; if the amulet is removed from the twice-slain corpse, the corpse cracks, withers, and disintegrates into blowing dust and is lost to all further means of recovery short of a wish.

Ring of the Arctic
An ivory ring with carvings of walrus, whales and an eskimo in a kayak with a harpoon, it grants the following:

  1. NWP Survival - Arctic terrain
  2. NWP Animal Lore - Arctic
  3. NWP Animal Rending - Arctic
    It also converts a boiling pot of blubber/animal fat into lamp oil 1/day. For each 10 pounds of blubber yield = 1 vial oil. (Even though you have to bring it to a boil - it then converts it magically and instantaneously, saving much time)

It grants all of these powers subconsciously when faced with the appropriate situation in the appropriate environment. Which means you can't call upon the knowledge when not faced with the situation (not that you would ever have great need to).


Standing tall and straight at 6'2", Rhavin can be an imposing man. He wears banded-mail armor, and proudly dresses in a tabard of gold, purple, and white (the color of the Church of Estereal).


Admirable Traits: courteous, gentle, brave, thoughtful
Negative Traits: moody, rash, headstrong
Embarrass/Uncomfortable: nudity
Sense of Humor: very mild - he enjoys most harmless pranks and clean jokes
Fears: failing in the eyes of the Church, having harm come to someone in his care
Interests: ancient fighting techniques
Favorite Past-time: nightly walks
Favorite Place: The King's Garden in Gessel.
Most Admired: Kariya Fraser
Most Loved: Nikita Kryszka
Greatest Achievement: being accepted as a Paladin of Estereal
Greatest Regret: not being able to save Gaitlin
Personal Goals: Helping Nikita prevent the Night of Evil, expose Pharas' treachery, see to it that the Shrine to Estereal is built in Istur
Other: gives generously to the poor; tithes much more than required by the Church

Allergic to strawberries
Favorite Sayings/Pet words: May Estereal's justice guide your hand and his compassion still your heart.


Rhavin's Great-Grandfather, Gawyn Harkness, was a Paladin in the Order and was present in White Pines during the attack on Prince Coyle -- now known as the Days of Disgrace . In the months that followed the assassination attempt, the Harkness family imposed a penance upon the descendants of Gawyn called the Harkness Burden. It was decreed that for the next five generations (roughly 100 years) the family would no longer display it's crest outside of the family farm in Gessel. Instead only the Paragon crest would be emblazoned upon any shields, or flags owned by the immediate Harkness family. Also the first born child of each of the next five generations must preform a great quest in the name of the Church of Estereal, the Paragons, the Order of Enjolras, and Estereal himself. Only then could the honor of the Harkness family be restored. (Should the chain be broken by any heir dying before fulfillment of their quest or before leaving an heir to carry on, the task shall be taken up by the next closest relative)

Rhavin has two sisters; Marisa, also a paladin, and Kyndra a young cleric, both of Estereal. His brother, Gaitlin, left home early in life to find his own path.The siblings have had little contact in the past few years. Lately Rhavin has been traveling to different areas of Hurva, giving aid were he can. And performing whatever services are need in the order and the churches of Estereal & Soltana.

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