Canliss' Sleeping Missile

School: Necromancy
Level: 1
Range: 60 yards + 10/level
Components: V,S
Duration: 5 rounds/level
Casting Time: 1
Area of Effect: 1 or more creatures in a 10' cube
Saving Throw: None (Special)

A missile flies from the caster's pointing finger upon the casting of this spell. For every two levels beyond first, the caster can sling one additional missile, to a maximum of five missiles. These missiles are black and are silent. They unerringly strike the selected target(s), as long as those targets are within the targeted 10' cube. Those affected immediately collapse and fall into a deep slumber.

If target has 4+3 or fewer HD, no save is allowed

If target has more than 4+3 HD, it gets a save vs. spells to negate the spell's effect, -1 for each missile beyond the first. Creatures with more than 8 HD are not affected at all by this spell.

The spell works by shorting the victim's brainwaves, causing the onset of a deep sleep brainwave pattern, aka REM sleep.

Canliss created this spell to use against the city guards so that he could take them out when they discovered him in the middle of something illegal without harming them.


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