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Firestorm Peak, Letter 6

Dear Da,

Well, we finally found some more of the caverns. We wandered around a bit in the mine tunnels. Kariya found some giant lizard tracks, but we didn't find any giant lizards. The tracks went right up to the edge of this cliff-- well, it wasn't really a cliff, because it was underground. It sure was a long way down, though. It was pretty stinky, too.
A bit later on, we found what was pulling all those mining carts. It wasn't goblins (even though there are PLENTY of those)-- it was GIANT SPIDERS! We found out because Nikita snuck into this room where they were hitched up to the wall like horses. We weren't sure what to do at that point, because everyone was pretty tired, so we decided to attack them after we had got some rest. I wasn't sure that I was happy about the spiders, but it was nice that we seemed to be getting somewhere.
So we went back, after we were all rested, and there were even MORE spiders than before. They were pretty tough, because they kept spraying web stuff at us so we couldn't fight them. But we did okay-- we even took care of some Drugdears that came by to see who was killing all their spiders. Compared to the spiders, Drugdears are pretty easy.
Then we went on, and found another part of where the Drugdear live, I guess. Well, there weren't any Drugdear, but there was a kitchen, so SOMEONE was living there. There were these goblins working in it. Now, I'm not a picky eater, but I don't think I'd eat anything that a goblin cooked. Hopefully, it won't come to that.
Nikita used her magic powers to talk to the goblins, and got one of them to show us where the rest of the Drugdear were. She said the goblin also knew where some other monsters were. We weren't sure for a while which way to go, but with Nikita's help , we decided to go to to the Drugdear.
We found Drugdear pretty fast. Canliss used that wand that Rhavin doesn't like (I don't know why-- Rhavin and I had the situation under control). It made this pile of green goo. Kariya said we shouldn't touch it, otherwise we might become green goo too. I think I'll stick to Drugdear.
We decided to stop for the night (or whatever) in this big marble room. It looked like the marble that was near the Gate where we started this whole thing, so we checked it out pretty carefully. We broke for dinner, and I use my magic ring so I didn't have to eat. I figured I should start saving food before we ran out, even though Kariya says we'll have enough for another couple of weeks.
Then, all of a sudden, while we were busy eating (except for me), some of the giant spiders with Drugdear on top of them drop on top of us!!! There were a whole bunch, and they sort of attacked all of us at once. Before we knew it, both Nikita and Ulfie were badly hurt.
After that, I really wanted to try making a blade of flame with Hilt. With those spiders, you really need something to burn the webs off. After Canliss made the magic room and we all slept, I asked if I could try it.
It worked! It was really cool-- I mean, the balance wasn't quite right, but how could I complain when I had a sword made of FIRE! Just like Azkal's sword in the stories. Maybe it means that Azkal knows we're here and is helping us save the world, like Estereal is helping Rhavin, and Torodin is helping Nikita.
Then it was time to press on. We came to a place that looked like the Drugdear's smithy-- lots of metal and fire and sparks. Fortunately, there were no Drugdear right about; it would be strange having to kill smiths.
We found this strange room that had this funny door like a gate, and a chain going from the floor to the ceiling. Even Nikita couldn't figure it out, but that maybe it took the Drugdear up and down. But how? Nikita cast her shadow down through the hole in the floor, and saw a big room below with fog and flashing lights, but no Drugdear. It sounded pretty interesting, but I didn't like the idea of having to go down in that swinging box-- I remembered those elf trees.
Still, there are more doors to look through. It looks like we have a lot to explore. Will write soon.



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