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Firestorm Peak, Letter 7

Dear Da,

Well, a whole lot of exciting things happened.
We were exploring around a bit, and even took another look at that funny room with a chain in it. After a while of getting nowhere, we tried the trapped door. Well, technically Canliss tried it from about twenty feet away (the traps in this place sure are nasty!).
And, of course, what should come through the door but one for those Drugdear spider-riders! Geez. A body gets awfully tired of those things. So I ran forward to attack it-- Nikita cast some kind of spell on me; I guess she couldn't reach Rhavin. It must have been a good spell-- that Drugdear could hardly hit me at all.
So we got the spider, and the Drugdear backs through the door at the end of the hall, and I follow him (I guess maybe I should have thought about that one first)-- into a PACK of those spider-riders. Spiders in front of me, spiders on either side, spiders on the walls... It was this big kind of market room, with all these people down below, and a spider-rider across the room blowing the alarm. I guess if I was shopping, and all these strange people burst in, I´d be surprised and scared too.
It was pretty neat, I mean, besides the fact that it looked like we were in big trouble. Those spiders could jump from all the way across the room-- unfortunately, they were jumping at US. Rhavin and I had our hands full. With my new flaming sword, I could cut their webs off me, but there were still a lot of them.
Then, all of a sudden, things got very quiet. Not quiet like everyone stopped fighting, but like someone turned all the noise off. I could see the drugdear yelling at me, but no sound came out. Most importantly, I couldn't hear the spellcasters in the back-- I guess I was so used to Kariya and Canliss casting missiles, or Jven and Nikita healing us, that I didn't notice until it was gone. And without them, Rhavin and I were in a pickle.
I was hoping that maybe we could get this over before more spider-riders came, but it didn't look good. Rhavin motioned me back in, even though there was a spider-rider left (maybe he wanted it). Just when I got through the door, Kariya slammed it shut. With Rhavin outside! And I didn't see Nikita either...
But there was no time for that-- Kariya was trying to hold the doors closed-- there must have been invisible drugdear out there. I tried to help, but they broke the door. just in time, Kariya cast a wall of ice in the way-- there were a lot of angry looking drugdear out there.
Now I saw there was a drugdear in the hall with us too... Jven and Canliss were trying to kill it. I took care of it, and waited for Kariya to tell us what to do next-- where were Rhavin and Nikita???
She poked her head around the end of the hall, and then suddenly there was a big explosion. I guess there were drugdear coming that way too. She threw up another wall, and led us to the funny room with the chain. We were going to blow it up so we could go back down and save Rhavin and Nikita!!! I don't know how, but Kariya probably had a way.
The funny room made a really loud sound before it blew up, and then Canliss was in there, tying a rope to the broken end of chain so we could get down. I handed Kariya Hilt and took Ulfie down with me, then Jven, and Kariya went last.
There was more lights and steam and noise down here, but it wasn't the market. Fortunately, Kariya knew just where to go. We HAD to save Rhavin and Nikita.
Finally, we found the right door. There were a bunch of drugdear and spider-riders standing around this big ball of blackness. I *knew* Rhavin and Nikita must be in there somewhere. Kariya told me to run in there and see if they were OK; Jven, Canliss, and her would hide in the confusion (which there was a LOT of).
I guess I was too excited, because the first thing I did was run smack into a tent. And Hilt wasn't burning anymore! I couldn't think what to do, so I tried to say "Blade of Last Laugh" but nothing happened. I tore through the tent, calling Rhavin's name.
It was pitch black, but I could hear all these people running about, and figured I'd head sort of toward the center of it all. Which would be where Rhavin and Nikita were. Some drugdear grabbed onto my leg and wouldn't let go, so I just kept walking, calling for Rhavin.
And then, I heard a voice I didn't know, asking who I was. I could hear the sound of a large weapon being swung through the air. I prayed to Azkal, and tried Hilt again-- "Blade of steel".
Hilt was back! I clubbed the dwarf off my leg... I was ready. I knew where that voice was coming from, and I was going to swing Hilt right at it.
This guy was quick-- he hit me before I could ready Hilt (it felt like a battle axe). I swung-- he must have ducked, because when I came back around to try again, he got me again.
I didn't feel so good. I tried to stay up-- who knows what else could have been there in the dark, and I had to find Rhavin and Nikita, but...
Maybe I just lost my balance and hit my head. I came to on the ground. The lights were back on, and everyone was there; including Rhavin and Nikita. I guess I must have found them. There was a scaly dwarf with a bloody battle-axe-- I guess from me-- and priest of Azkal who was a drugdear too.
For a minute, I thought that that meant I was dead, but then I heard Jven and Rhavin arguing about something, and I knew things were back to normal. But no one was attacking us-- I mean, there were HUNDREDS of drugdear standing around, and lots of warriors and spider-riders.
Nikita and Jven were hugging. Jven said that she was going to stay with the drugdear for a while and make water for them, and she and Nikita were just saying good-bye. We would pick her up after we were done saving the world. I tried to smile, but the thought of saving the world just now made me feel really tired. Maybe the drugdear will let us rest a bit before we go on.
I'm going to miss Jven. Even though it'll only be for a week or so.



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