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Firestorm Peak, Letter 8

Dear Da,

Well, the last few days have been pretty slow. After all the excitement with the Drugdear, we decided to stay a few days before moving on. It was pretty odd; we'd been killing every Drugdear we met for so long, it was weird shopping with them. But we got used to it.
For three days, we rested and trained near the bazaar. By the end, they'd cleaned up almost all the damage we'd done. But there were no hard feelings.
I met someone who sold this funny drink that came from the southland. He told really neat stories, so I spent a lot of time there when I wasn't training. Or resting. He said that there were fish that could eat a cow in thirty seconds. I guess there aren't many cows in the southland.
I spent a lot of time at the food booths -- saving our food for later. There was some really good fried fish, and some stuff that looked like chicken but was all dark meat.
There was so much to see at the Bazaar! Sometimes I wished that we could spend more time there, but we could only spend a few days. Maybe we'll be able to stop on the way back when we pick up Jven.
Kariya opened the box and counted all the treasure we'd found. She told me how much my share was -- I'd never had that much money before! Imagine how much food that could buy... Kariya said she'd save it for me, so I wouldn't have to keep track, and gave me some of it to shop.
I found one thing I really liked. It was a helmet that was a lantern too! It was made of that Drugdear steel that looked like glass, so it wouldn't break even if we dropped it. We'd been looking for a lantern for so long, I was so proud that I finally found it.
Nikita took the time to find out some more about Madreus -- the guy who's outside space but controls time. Or something. The spell gave her these two funny words -- monophobia and scotophobia. Nikita cast another spell and found out that scotophobia meant 'afraid of the dark'. What is someone who's afraid of the dark doing at the bottom of the mountain? Me, I don't mind the dark so much, except when I can't see.
Nikita actually got lost in the bazaar for a day. We tried to look for her, but we didn't find her. We found someone who'd seen someone going off with her. He'd gotten her really drunk, and then I guess he had to take her home because she got lost. I don't know. But after that, we thought we shouldn't send people off alone in case they get drunk and lost. That must have been really scary for Nikita; I'm glad she finally found us. Of course, that's what priests of Torodin are good at: finding things.
At the end, we helped the Drugdear priest of Azkal get rid of some Drugdear that were friends of that funny looking dwarf that was spiting slugs at people. I was all for that; it was time to be doing something useful.
Unfortunately, there were only three of them. It was nice to be fighting again, but it would have been nicer if there was more to go around. They were holed up in the slug-guy's rooms. He had all these paintings of outside, and this stone furniture that was all stuck. Kariya said it was like the Drugdear elevator, that only Drugdear could open it. I got the closet open with a pick(who ever heard of making a closet out of stone??), and behind the closet was another closet -- pretty weird. not much interesting there -- just some money, a book, and these two funny sticks.
Canliss said he could find out more about my sword when he finds out what the funny sticks do, but we'll have to wait a bit until we rest again.
At the end of the Slug-guy's rooms, there were some stairs going down. I wonder where they go.



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