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Firestorm Peak, Letter 9

Dear Da,

Well, off we go again. After resting in the Bazaar for a few days, I was really excited to get going again.
It was time for us to go through the extra-special drugdear so we could keep going toward Madreus. The head drugdear said we shouldn't kill them, so we thought we'd just talk to them and ask them to let us through. Canliss would turn into a drugdear, and Nikita would talk for him. The head drugdear said there were a lot of meaner things down below that the extra-special drugdear protected them from. Of course, it was too bad they didn't get along with the extra-special drugdear and couldn't just ASK them to let us by...
We left Jven in the bazaar -- she and the head drugdear were going to go to the underground sea. Wow. I wished I could have gone with her, but maybe I can go after we finish saving the world. I made sure I got a crowbar before we left -- I wanted to be able to get through any more of those tricky drugdear cupboards.
Canliss turned into a Drugdear, and off we went. It was a good thing that Nikita could see traps, because we ran into one right away. Canliss opened the door with magic so we wouldn't set off the trap, but then we found another one. It was in the floor -- I hoped it wasn't another one of those smashing wall traps. Those were really loud. Canliss made this invisible... thing, that we took turns riding on over the trap. We didn't have to blow up anything.
Well, the first set of extra-special drugdear found us. They ran around the corner while we were busy talking about what to do next. Canliss turned out of being a drugdear and disappeared. I knew we shouldn't kill the drugdear, because they were keeping the bad evil stuff from coming up, but maybe it would be okay to kill SOME of them? I mean, they were attacking *us*. Anyway, once we started attacking them, it turned out that these weren't very extra-special drugdear; they just had nicer armor than the other ones. Kariya blew them up with her magic missiles, and Canliss turned into a big grey ox with its horns on its nose. I guess he was trying to scare them.
So we kept going. We found a bad smelling place that maybe was where the spiders ate -- there were these funny noises and everyone looked kinda green. And then there was like a spider stables-- they were locked up, but it was weird going past them.
It had been almost a week that we'd been in the bazaar, with no drugdear trying to kill us, so we forgot that they can be invisible. All of a sudden, all these extra-special drugdear started attacking us out of nowhere. I wasn't feeling too good after the last batch -- well, they got in some lucky shots -- and now there were six MORE drugdear. And these guys were TOUGH. Some of them I had to hit three or four times before they went down. These guys got in a couple of lucky shots too, before I warmed up. Which was bad, because by the time I saw the leader extra-special drugdear, I wasn't feeling good at all. All I wanted to do was sit down and have Nikita heal me. Or maybe just sit down.
But there was this big drugdear on a spider coming for us, so this was no time to rest. Kariya threw lightening at it, but it just jumped off the spider and kept coming. It looked really mad, and it got really big. I got Hilt ready and sent a prayer to Azkal -- I knew that if it hit me with that big axe, I wouldn't be able to keep fighting.
Lucky for me, I got the drop on the Leader drugdear. I struck him a mighty blow, and another one... and another. I had never seen anything that tough. A sound made him turn around, and Kariya hit him with another lightening bolt. He was still standing!! I prayed to Azkal, after he nearly cut me in two with that big axe of his. I barely got Hilt up in time -- that axe got so close to me that I could see stuff dripping off it -- acid, like spit? Poison? I didn't want to get close enough to find out -- again I struck him, knocking him down.
I couldn't believe it -- he was getting back up. Normally, when I hit something, it stays down. This was not supposed to happen, but what else could I do? I hit him again and again, feeling Hilt biting deep, and finally he staggered and fell.
I wasn't taking any chances. I rushed forward, hitting him a few more times to make sure he didn't get up again. I know that heroes don't do that sort of thing -- I know if Rhavin had been in my place, he wouldn't have been afraid.
When I went up to make sure he was dead, Canliss was right behind me. He inspected the body, picking out all these dead spiders. Sometimes when you don't wash, you can get lice -- maybe he got spiders instead. He certainly was stinky. I felt like somehow one of those spiders had gotten onto me, just thinking about it. The more I thought about it, the more sure I was that sometime during the fight it had happened, but everyone said there were no spiders there. Whew.
And Jven was there... I don't know how she got there, but it was sure nice to see her. She was taking care of Nikita, who had gotten pretty badly hurt. I don't know why, but it always seems like the first one to get hit is Nikita -- which isn't fair. She's the littlest of us all -- maybe even including Ulfie. But if it wasn't for her, we wouldn't know anything and we wouldn't get healed and stuff. Maybe 'Ulfie could protect Nikita -- I mean, he's got teeth and stuff.
We were all pretty bad hurt. Jven said goodbye for good this time -- I can't wait until we save the world and come back to pick her up. Now I guess the bad things will have to go through us instead of the extra-special drugdear before they get to the bazaar. I hope the head drugdear won't get mad at us.



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