Fridge Poetry

Are you familiar with the magnetic poetry kits that you can get? Well, we've got a bunch of them. Quite a range of themes you can find in these. everything from Shakespearean to X-files-esque; from Gardening to Philosophy to Pets. You get enough of these, and you can actually make some interesting poetry - but due to the lack of being able to find the right word-magnet, sometimes you get very humorous poems.

This particular fridge poem graced our 'icebox' for some time and sums up our campaign nicely.

Can a warlock with too many fingers,
One fragile & broken-hearted beauty,
A man of good faith,
A gentle giantess,
A fun-loving priest of the ocean-god,
A woman of power,
& her dog together,
Ever hope to find the lost wizard,
Explain the hidden truth within the shadow worshiper's vision,
& stop the fall of the Night of Evil?
With help from the friendly Zombie Lord.

The next two magnetic masterpieces were inspired by The Gates of Firestorm Peak adventure.

The deep earth swallows us all
And locks our party
beneath endless fire,
Where vile creatures devour
the weak and the foolish.
Sunshine is lost to them that explore
Cold dark channels cut from the sweat of the damned.

Whose wicked drives and deadly passions
bring them thus?

We shriek,
"Somebody get us out of this module!"
The evil, experimental, dark-fearing alienest
and his infinite ranks of horrid minions
will smite our heroes without mercy.

The wizardess and her dog will call him master,
& the overwheening warlock will kiss his feet.
Brave Rhavin will serve as his toady,
& Nikita shall be forced to be the madman's sex kitten.
The gentle giantess will become the hard-hearted head torturer
and the rapscallion priestess will bathe
with the monstrous tyrant
wearing only her perfume.

But look on the bright side -

He won't make the prisoners
fill out forms!