Ester's Primer

Ester's reading & writing of Common is getting much, much better. Here's a little story Nikita penned that's helped her along. Except for the one, "Kick ass!", this story is much the same as any found in a 1st or 2nd graders reader.

Pan Cakes!

Ester woke up one morning, and she was very hungry. So she went to her friend Bonnie, and asked her for something to eat.
"Well, Ester, how would you like some pan cakes for breakfast?"
"Kick ass!"
"We'll need some flour, some eggs, and some milk for the pan cakes. Can you get that?"
"Ok. I'm really hungry."
So Ester went to get some flour. She was walking down the street, looking for flour, when she ran into her friends Nikita and Rhavin. Nikita was shopping, and Rhavin was carrying her bags. They were holding hands.
"Hi Nikita, hi Rhavin!" said Ester.
"Hi Ester." said Rhavin.
"Hi Ester." said Nikita. "Where are you going?"
"I'm going to get some flour." Ester thought. "Do you know where I can get it? I need it for pan cakes."
"Well, there's a grain field 2 miles that way." Rhavin said.
Ester looked confused.
"You can take the grain and grind it into flour." suggested Nikita.
"Thank you" said Ester.
So Ester went to the grain field. The farmer said that if she helped him with some threshing, she could have some grain.
"Ok." said Ester. Ester liked threshing.
The farmer threw piles of wheat onto the threshing floor.
Whack-whack-whack! Ester beat the grain off the wheat stalks. The farmer scooped up the broken piles of wheat into big baskets, and let the wind blow the chaff away. Then, he poured the golden grain into sacks.
"Whew." said Ester. She was covered in bits of chaff, but the farmer gave her a sack of the grain to take with her.
"Thank you" said Ester.
On her way down the road, Ester ran into her friend Kariya.
Kariya was practicing blowing things up in a big open field-- BOOM BOOM BOOM!
"Hello, Ester. Where are you going with that sack of grain?"
"Hi Kariya. I need to grind this grain to make flour. I need to make flour for pan cakes."
"Well, there's a mill down the road and over the hill. The miller will grind your grain into flour." said Kariya.
"Thank you." said Ester.
So Ester went to the mill. The miller told Ester he was sorry, but the ox that turned the mill wheel was sick that day, and was resting.
"That's ok." said Ester. So Ester pushed the great stone wheel and ground her grain into flour. The miller asked if she would mind grinding some other grain that had been waiting.
"Ok" said Ester.
Round and round she went. Soon, she was covered in flour dust. The miller's wife came by with a big pitcher of water, and the miller brought a big sack of flour. It was Ester's sack of grain and a bit extra.
"Thank you." said Ester. "Gotta go."
Ester was walking down the road with her sack of flour, when she ran into her friend Canliss. She knew it was Canliss, because he was practicing turning into different animals.
"Hi Canliss."
"Hi Ester." said Canliss, turning into a Wemic. "What are you doing with a sack of flour?"
"Bonnie's going to make pan cakes. But I need some eggs. Do you know where I can get some?"
"Well, there's a farmer with some chickens down the road. He could give you some eggs." Canliss thought. "Hey, why don't I take that flour back for you?"
So Ester handed Canliss the flour. Canliss took the flour, turned into a bird, and flew away.
"Thank you, Canliss!" Ester called after the bird.
Ester walked to the chicken farmer. He said that he could get her some eggs, if he helped her split some wood.
"Ok." said Ester. Ester liked splitting wood.
So the farmer gave Ester a big axe, and showed her where the wood was. Chop chop chop! Soon, she was covered in wood chips. When Ester ran out of wood, she went to go find the farmer. The farmer gave her a basket of eggs to take with her.
"Thank you." said Ester.
Ester went off, carrying the eggs, when she saw her friend Jvennika swimming in a pond.
"Hi Jven!" said Ester.
"Hi Ester! What are you doing with those eggs?"
"Bonnie's going to make pan cakes. But I need some milk. Do you know where I can get some?"
"Yeah. There's a dairy farmer over that hill." Jven thought. "Hey, why don't I take those eggs back for you?"
So Ester handed Jven the eggs. Jven got out of the water, and started off for the town.
"Thank you." said Ester.
Ester walked to the dairy farmer. She could hear the cows mooing long before she got there. The farmer said that he could get her some milk, if she could water the cows.
"Ok." said Ester.
So the farmer gave her some buckets, and showed her where to get the water from the stream, and where the watering trough was. Splish-splash splish-splash! Most of the water ended up in the trough, but a lot of it got on Ester. Soon, the water washed off the chaff, the flour dust, and the wood chips. When the cows had drunk their fill, and the trough was filled with fresh water, Ester went to find the farmer. The farmer gave her a can of fresh milk to take with her.
"Thank you." said Ester. "Boy, it takes a lot of water to make a can of milk."
Ester went back to Bonnie with the milk. Bonnie took the milk, and added the eggs and the flour into a big bowl.
"Ester, you'll need something sweet to go with the pan cakes. Go down into the cellar and get what you want."
"Ok." said Ester.
So Ester took a candle and went down the stairs to the cellar. There was honey, and maple syrup, and strawberry preserves. Ester was very hungry, so she took all three.
Bonnie adding a little of this and a little of that to the batter. The big iron pan was heating up. Ester looked at the big bowl of batter, and the big iron pan, and thought about sitting down to a big stack of pan cakes.
"I'll be right back, Bonnie." Ester said. "I forgot the most important thing."
Ester ran out, and found Jven.
"Pan cakes, Jven!" yelled Ester, as she ran past.
Then she found Canliss.
"Pan cakes, Canliss!" yelled Ester, as she ran past.
Then she found Kariya.
"Pan cakes, Kariya!" yelled, Ester, as she ran past.
Finally, she found Rhavin and Nikita.
"Pan cakes, Rhavin! Pan cakes, Nikita!" yelled, Ester, as she ran past.
When Ester got back, she could smell the wonderful golden smell of the pan cakes. Bonnie had a big stack of them on a platter, and was frying up more in the big iron pan. Jven had set the table. Canliss had poured everyone a big mug of milk. Kariya had taken the honey, syrup, and preserves and put them on the table. And Rhavin and Nikita had brought some apples in the market.
At last, the pan cakes were ready! Ester helped Bonnie bring in the huge platters of golden pan cakes. Bonnie gave everyone a big stack of pan cakes, and everyone sat down to eat.
So, Ester, Rhavin, Nikita, Kariya, Canliss, and Jven had pan cakes for breakfast.
Ester had seconds.