Ester's Primer

Ester, the gentle giantess, wants to learn how to read. She's asked Nikita to help her, so Nikita came up with this primer to help Ester learn her ABC's.

A is for Azkal, whose armor does gleam,
B is for Bath, which makes us real clean,

C is for Canliss, who likes using grease,
D is for Duergar, who ride spider-beasts,

E is for Estereal, his voice like thunder,
F is for Firestorm Peak, which we are under,

G is for Goblins, who came in a horde,
H is for Hilt, Ester's new sword,

I is for Istur, once home to me,
J is for Jven, who pines for the sea,

K is for Kariya, impatient of prattle,
and L is for the Lightning she throws in a battle,

M is for Madreus, who's outside of time,
N is for Nigel, who we'll save for our crime,

O is for oracle, which wisdom imparts,
P is for Paladin, the purest of hearts,

Q is for quest, which we all must complete,
R is for Rhavin, who's gentle and sweet,

S is for Shadows, in which we can hide,
T is for Torodin, our heavenly guide,

U is for Ulfie, with his cold wet nose,
V is for Victory, over our foes,

W is for Watches, we set in the night,
X is for oX, which shares Ester's might,

Y is for the yip of Ulfie the pup,
Z is for zombie, that Ester chops up.

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