This being a true and accurate account of the adventures of one Temmer W. Longfellow, bard, and his worthy companions...

27 Lowin, 1082
The Gryfon Inn, town of Westhaven, Barony of Gessel

Today, my good friend Demetrius and I have decided to become heroes. Since my father has foolishly sold the circus that was our home (he and I had a long fight about that, but happily I am much too drunk to recall the details), we have decided to leave that life behind and become famous adventurers. One day I will return with enough money to buy three circuses, a host of women clamoring for my attention, and my songs sung in every land. Demetrius intends to be the greatest swordsman in the world. (Oh, and he says he wouldn't mind a few women, too.)
And so I begin this journal, being a true and accurate account of our soon-to-be-legendary exploits. Some someday the bards will want to write ballads about us (after all, I won't be able to write them all), and we want them to get the facts straight.
But first, let me tell you a little bit about us. Since Demetrius just sprang for another round of drinks, I'll start with him.
In addition to being a great gambling and drinking buddy, Demetrius is my best friend. He is tall and strong (he wants me to add handsome, but he's really only average-looking and since Demetrius can't read I can be honest here). Demetrius is a good hand with a sword. In fact, he taught me to use one. He used to work as a guard (he's a lot older than me, at twenty-seven), but he quit and came to work as an animal handler at my father's circus about two and a half years ago. That's when we met and became friends.
Me, I'm only eighteen and, as the ladies here will agree, I am extremely charming and handsome. I'm not as tall as my buddy Demetrius, but I'm blond and beautiful like the rest of my family, and I have blue eyes.
I grew up in the Longfellow Family Circus, which was in my father's family for four generations before he sold out our heritage for a quick profit. My parents, Terry and Varda Longfellow had five sets of twins -- Varden and Jayne, Terril and Tyr, Me and Teela, Marc and Milton, and Emily and Charlotte. My siblings and I were the main act of the circus -- we did a tumbling routine on the high wire (without a net!) that was absolutely the best act in any circus in Hurva.
Though my father and I disagree a lot, our family is very close-knit and we generally get along well. I'm especially close with my oldest brother Varden -- he and I are the only two boys who aren't identical twins. My twin sister Teela is the dearest creature the gods ever created -- she's much wiser than I am, and she's the only person I know with a better voice than mine. Teela was the only person in my family I told before I left home, and I've promised to send letters.
Perhaps the most difficult part of becoming a hero will be missing my family while I'm doing it. But Demetrius tells me he's seen lesser men than us make their fortunes adventuring, and it should only take us a few months.
For now, it is time to bed, since the bar is closing up around us and my good friend Demetrius is falling asleep over his cups again. Tomorrow, we begin our journey westward -- to adventure!

Rita, brown hair, blue eyes. The Gryfon. No parents. Likes lilies. Favorite color - blue.

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