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Is your campaign still alive? Do you still game? Will you ever update your site again? Will you upgrade your site to 3e rules?

I've received a number of emails over the last year or so that shared these common questions. Now is the time to answer them.

Yes, the campaign is still alive. As is another campaign that my group has chosen not to chronicle or include on-line. Believe me, keeping up with the standards we set for ourselves makes keeping just one campaign on-line a demanding task!

Anywho, over the past year, I've gotten married and moved. This plus some work projects unfortunately left little to no time for gaming. Also, we've been going back and forth over making the switch to 3e. The finishing of the 'Gates of Firestorm Peak' adventure coupled with the hiatus of the last several months seemed to make it a natural time to switch. Despite my group's overall love of 3e, it became clear that it would be more difficult than we originally believed to make the switch, due to the large number of our house rules that are problematic with certain changes made in 3e. (Such as the fact that all of the Hurvan clerics would either be new classes or prestige classes under 3e rules) We have had our first several gaming sessions (maintaining 2nd ed./Player's Options) this year, and I think we'll be getting back to our normal once every 2-3 weeks sessions that have been going on for at least six years now. There are now updates to all three campaign journals. Slowly, but steadily, we're working on a conversion to 3e. When that will be complete, I honestly don't know. The new house rules section for that will be quite extensive I fear, especially regarding spellcasters and converting the myriad NWPs which we love to skills & feats. I will not post the new 3e house rules till I feel they are at least somewhat complete and workable.

Thank you all for your concern that we might have gone away. You are too kind.

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