Reference Material

Greetings to all,

This web site features material that has grown out of the campaign that I started over seven years ago. You will find a great diversity of material here that should be usable for any fantasy RPG system as well as quite a bit that is AD&D specific.

I smile when I read people saying that they'll only review sites that are finished. Like many sites of this nature, there is no finishing. Only the constant addition of new material and the revision of old material. I do pledge to not place links with no material, "coming soon" or "under construction" links behind them. Every single link on this site is now and will always be rich with content. Not lots of gimmicky, web-fluff or animated gifs posing as content, but good, solid material for game masters to use in their own campaigns. I will try to present much of this content in a style which, hopefully, will inspire you for your next role-playing session or for your own on-going campaign.

Check back often for the completion of pieces of the site. The What's New section listed at the left (as well as having a link on our home page) will keep you informed to all of the updates. As promised many months ago, I'm finally working on some maps and gazateer type information for the lands presented here. Also, in the works, is our house rules for 3e D&D, which may be finished and be posted sometime in Sept. '01.

Like many other campaigns, there is much borrowed material here. Most copyrighted and trademarked material is owned by TSR, Inc. or by Flying Buffalo, Inc. and is used here without permission. Kudos and thanks for other material and initial inspiration from the worlds of Samru and Tryll, two truly amazing AD&D campaign sites. All original material is copyright 1991-2001, Dragonbait, Inc. Feel free to use stuff here in your private campaigns for fun, but not for profit. Please email me for permission to use any material on your own private web page.

Also credit is due to those who have helped make this world have life: Sue, Sandy, Steve, Rick, Ursula, Ken, Kevin, Don, Robert & Lisa, Jeff, Chaz, Marcus, Tim, Miriam, and Lisa & John.

We hope you enjoy sharing in our campaign world even just a fraction as much as we have enjoyed playing and creating it.