Customs House


Registering of magic items is the next window.


Affiliates Amagigo spellcasting dues? Up the stairs down the hall and around the corner, third door on the left, but I think they're gone for the day. I wouldn't try casting anything 'til ya pay, if you know what's good for ya.


Scholar´s License. OK, 1 gold.
Thinking about leaving the country. Here, fill out these forms and I'll check to make sure that you're up to date with all of your taxes. A 10 sp bond is needed for all disembarking from our shores.

Let me get you a list of interesting places that are worth visiting after you leave Hurva. Please spread a kind word of us wherever you go.

If you wish to create your own portal to our land, please use the following incantation. Also, feel free to take a copy of the glyph below to intertwine with this spell.

Welcome to the Kingdom of

Oh, yes, here is that traveler's guide, 12 gold please...

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