The Campaign

Hello there! I am Temmer Wadsworth Longfellow, bard, pirate and some-time adventurer. I invite you to enjoy these thrilling stories of adventure in the pleasant if bureaucrat-infested Kingdom of Hurva. But I warn you, some of these stories also take place in the horrible, evil-infested realm known as Ravenloft. They are not for the meek or the tender-hearted.

Temmer´s Journal, is of course, the most exciting of the three, having been written by a professional bard. It tells the story of the first of us who ever went to the twisted realm of Ravenloft. Some of us are gone now, some retired, and some vanished who knows where. Should you have any questions, drop a line to Temmer at The Oasis in Istur. I´ll be glad to explain things.

Nikita´s Journal, is written by a lovely, young priestess of Torodin. Part One explains why she left Istur, and how she met such unsavory characters as Doctor Victor Mordenheim and Anton Misroi. Part Two explains how she luckily returned to Istur to continue her quest to "stop the fall of the night of evil." You can send word to Nikita Kryszka at Strand´s Shadows in Istur if you want to talk about it, but be prepared to be deluged with talk about omens and prophecies.

Ester Send Letter is a charming collection of letters dictated by the gentle giantess who joined Nikita and her friends on their dangerous mission. I encourage you to read it in tandem with Nikita´s journal - the parallels are quite amusing.

Jven´s Letters are a collection of missives and random musings from the Jveltoan who was dragged into the quest with Nikita, Ester and the rest. Some advice I have to unsuspecting readers - like most clerics of the Oceanlord, Jvennika isn't as geared toward the completeness of the story as the detail-oriented Nikita or the concrete-thinking Ester. Her writings make much more sense if you read their relevant journal entries first!

The Characters who played such a vital role in these stories are described here. You will find portraits, statistics, and background stories.

A Thief By Knight, is a story I wrote myself. Written in true bardic fashion, it tells the tale of a pompous knight named Sir Enjolras, and a so-called thief named Grantaire. A kindred spirit this Grantaire was, and as so often happens with innocent, well-meaning folk like us, his adventures didn´t get him quite what he´d bargained for.