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Brought to you by The Hurvan Scribe Service. Our duty is to provide document retrieval services for Hurvan visitors. Enter a familiar word or phrase that I might use to search for your requested documents.

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Search Tips:

Use quotation marks   Use quotation marks to find words which must appear adjacent to each other, for example, "places in Reggis". Otherwise, the search results will include the word places, in, and the word Reggis, but not necessarily in that order. The words may appear anywhere, and in any order, within the document.

Example: Searching for

would return the pages listing establishments in Reggis, excluding pages where the words might exist individually.

Use the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols   Use a plus sign when your search term or phrase must appear in the search results. Use a minus sign to indicate undesirable term(s). The plus sign tells the search engine that a certain word or phrase is required in the search results, and a minus sign indicates that a word or phrase must be absent in the search results.

Note: A phrase must be contained within quotation marks. Leave no spaces between the plus or minus sign and the term.

Example: Searching for

would return a list of pages which contain the phrase "Sages of" but not the word mage.

Use wildcards   Wildcard searches can expand the number of matches for a particular request. The * character is used as the wildcard character.

For instance, searching for wh* will find the words what, why, when, whether, and any other word that starts with wh.

Searching for *her* will find the words here, whether, together, gathering, and any other word that contains her anywhere in the word.

Wildcards may be combined with the standard plus (+) and minus (-) modifiers, quotes for phrases, as well as the field search specifiers. +wh* -se*ch will find all pages which have a word that starts with wh and which does not contain a word that starts with se and ends with ch. "wh* are" will find the phrases where are, what are, why are, etc.

Example: Searching for

would return a list of pages which contain the words beast, past, last, least, east. . .